2 Magic
Subject Line

Dear Friend,

Thanks to a BRIBE REPORT We Got Dozens of Folks to

So I knew which Title to Put on a New Book I am Writing.

THEN as a Thank You Reward I Asked The People
who Helped me Choose a Book Title to Tell me
***What Niche They Wanted Their
"2 Magic Words that Get Emails Opened"
to Be Written About.

And Got 3 Answers.

Drake (Name Changed)
Chose Gardening out of all of his Side Businesses
and Hobbies.

Glass Blowing, Operated a Dump, Bus Driving,
Washer and Dryer Repair, Gardening.


Double Checking with Drake - Glenn

Did you get the Report I sent you about
the killer Plastic in our water, ok?

Thanks to Big Changes in our Water - Gardening has gotten more difficult.

And more Important - Health wise.

Point 1- A study has found dangerous levels of 100s of chemicals in ground water All over the usa.
Since most restaurant give you a choice.

A - tap water or B - bottled water.

And I know all towns near me use,wells. I don't choose Tap water.
And since all bottled water has trillions of plastic particles in it.
I now take a thermos to restaurants.

Point,#2- Another,series of,Studies has found trillions of microscopic plastic particles in your blood. Contributing to Heart attacks.

So I drink and cook with water i Distilled myself.

Point,#3 - Since Plastic is clogging up my veins I am trying to reduce the plastic I eat and,drink.
Meaning I mostly use rain water to water my veggie plants.

Point,#4 - "Consumer Reports" recently found THE,#1 company making Thermos bottles. To keep beverages hot or cold. Uses a metal plug at the bottom. To separate inner tube,and exterior. Sealed with LEAD.

LEAD,was found leaking into the inner,area.
Any lead kills brain cells.

ANY AMOUNT of Lead You Eat or Drink is DANGEROUS.

So I had to throw away 4 thermoses. And bought a all stainless steel water bottle.


Scientists have proven many plants are eerily alive. Perhaps sentient.
Thus Talking to them has been proven to speed growth of Garden Plants.

Makes sense to treat plants the same as people. Plants have Veins and Arteries, sort of, too.

Less plastic clogging the,capillaries inside garden vegetable
Plants makes them healthier. And thus HELPS US TOO.

The Less Plastic we Eat and Drink the better.

P.S. - I have,A test you can do.

Two actually.

I - 2 words that make veggie plants grow 50% taller

II - AND An ancient Egyptian secret that makes plants grow twice,as big.
EZ to test. You just plant 2 tomato plants side by side. .

P.P.S. - If you are,Interested in Exactly what I am doing.
Email me. Rentamentor@gmail.com

If there is enough interest I will write it up and provide
specific links and, *how to* Directions