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Dear Friend,

Thanks to Adapting MY One Page System for Doubling The Incomes of 7 Small Biz Clients (And Counting) FOR A REALTOR...

I Suddenly THUNK.

Why Not Combine The 2?

***2X Sales Idea I - 2 Words on Shirt, Hat, License Plate Frame FORCES People to Ask, "What Does that mean?"

***2X Sales Idea II - You Hand them ONE PAGE. And Instant Explosive Rapport And Trust Gets You Appointments, Clients and Extra Sales.

Atlanta Real Estate Flipper - (The Houses Fred And His Dad Bought, fixed, Sold Totalled more than a Million Bucks.)

Los Angeles Toyota Saleswoman - 1.2 Million In Car Sales in 8 Months On 1 Page.

Architect in Sweden - We Put all The Projects he Helped with on a Page. Suddenly he was getting 20K a Page for His 3D Drawings. (Why? Entire Apt Complexes are PRE-SOLD using his Life-Like Drawings.)

Chiropractor #1 - FAIL - My Idea Was To Record All The Patient Back-Cracking Sounds. Before/After Pain Testimonials. Put The Audio Links on a Web Page. BUT HE NEVER Took Action.

Chiropractor 2 - Done FOR Him. We Interviewed Peter. Listed Before and After PAIN RELIEF on Side A. On Side B Explained "Muscle Testing" - in English.

Do-it-Yourselfer - On a Ladder at 1 Am at Chik-Filet to Patching Holes in Home Owners Walls at 2X the Pay. Side A - Client List Side B - Before and After Pics of Patched Holes.

Physical Therapist - At Country Clubs - At Entrance, Parking Lot, Pro Shop - Ted Walks up to People who LIMP. Uses His Instant Pain Relief Method. Then Shows The 1 Page PAIN RELIEF Before and After Page.

Nudist Camp Cosmetics MLM Sales - Young Woman Spends her Days Topless At Tiki-Bars. Massaging Tanning Butter onto Men. Plasti-Wrapped Page - Side A - White SunBurnt Face. Side B - Tanned Face. (Her Sales SkyRocketed.) Is Paying to Join Nudist Camp #2.

How Donald Doubled & Tripled
Sales for 37 of His Golfing Buddies

Donald Asks, "What do You Do For a Living Bill?"

I am a Plumber.

Donald Writes on a Sticky Note:


Sticks it on The Guys Shirt at The Country Club Restaurant.
And The Guy gets 7 New Clients while eating Lunch.

THEN Donald - Pays to Have "Bill The Plumber"
Stenciled above the Pocket of Bill's New White Golf Shirt.

And Everywhere Bill Goes People PAY HIM.

You Get The Idea.

PLUS You Can Do this From Home Like I Do.

Like So.

Trent The Real Estate Flipper -

FIRST I Credential Myself with a Report. "How a Realtor Got Referred to A Billionaire to Make a 30 Million Sale."

2nd - I Sent This Email About His Website Which Lacks TRUST.

Thanks Trent,

You and I Have Never Worked together.

2 PROVEN Ways you can DOUBLE Your Referrals
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Dunno How You Get People to Your Website.
I Suspect You don't get Your Leads from The Website. Cuz Your Site SKIPS THE TRUST STEP.

21 Million MENTOR has Doubled Sales for 37 buddies
with 2 Words on their Golf Shirt.

I use a Sticky name Tag to Test.

YOUR Name Tag or Baseball cap Might Say.

No Realtor
Prospects ASK, "What does that Mean? And You Hand Then The ONE PAGE I suggest you add to the Top of Your Website

Just Read Thru Your Entire Website.

I Have Doubled Sales for:

Atlanta Real Estate Flipper

Credit Repair Co owner


Do it Yourselfer


Cosmetics MLM

With ONE PAGE Credentials - to Create Instant Trust.

You List The People You Have Helped Sell

CHANGE all Names.

Show YOUR WAY Expenses VS Hiring a Realtor

PROVE with a Page of OTHER Customers You are Better.

New York Times Best Seller Psychology from The Cialdini "INFLUENCE" book.

BUT IT HAS TO BE PERFECT. (Send me the Page You Create So I Can FIX it.)

Orthopoedic Surgeon -

Thanks Cody,

Great Here.

Raining almost every day. Brds Chipring, Squirrels hopping. Grass Growing. Trees falling

Found a guy worth 21 Million.

Who has Doubled Sales for 37 of his Golfing Friends.

By Putting their Biz Above the Pocket of their Golf Shirt.

So I Have Doubled Sales for 5 people so far.

an Architect,
Do it yourselfer,
Real Estate Flipper,
Physical Therapost
Website Developer

by Testing 2 Words on Stick on Seminar Badge.
(Then Stenciled on Shirts.

Biz Cards

Then Baseball Cap.

And License Plate Frame

And ONE PAGE to Hand People Who ASK about the Name Badge.

For You?


People Ask You, "What is a "Pain Doctor?"

You Hand Them a Page called...

"Pain Relief Before and After"

Change all The Names.

Patient Name - Type of Pain - What Was Done - Pain Reduction


Sign For The Architect -


The Page of All The Buildings he had Worked on - Got
Him Paid 20K per 3D Drawing by a Client who wanted to Pre-Sell Units to an Apartment Complex in Sweden.

And he Doubled his Income - Quit his Job.

Atlanta Real Estate Investor

We Listed all The Houses He and His Dad
Had bought, Fixedd up and Sold - Added up to over a Million bucks

His Name Tag?


(The first thing he does is Improve Credit for Everyone so they get A Better Terms on a Bank Loan)

Painting Co Owner -


Realtor Client -

Thanks for reading the latest,ezine Kale,


What,two words do you,Test,First on your

Stick on,seminar,Badge.

I thunk a,while.

Came up with one I bet you,can't beat!



Please wear it. (Nike doesn't need your help)

If you get a great # of people Respondng.

Only then do you get t shirts,silk screened.

And baseball caps Printed

CPA Who Invests Top 1%
Richest Clients in TX Apt
Real Estate

Seminar Badge Words To Test 1st.



P.S. - Above is EVERYTHING You Need to Know to Double Bubble Double
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Exactly what Words do You Wear On Your Shirt, T-shirt, Baseball Cap, License Plate Frame?

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