Home Has
4 Pools

*Beyonce* House Has 4 Swimming Pools

Dear Friend,

Thanks to my Research on "Beyonce" we Know that an "Infinity Pool" has no Edges. So it looks like the water is falling over the Edge.

An Average Infinity Pool costs btwn 80K and 130K.

A "Normal" pool only 40K.

So with 4 Pools at her Bel Air Home.


We Can Caculate that Beyonce And JayZ Have Spent 250K to Build their 3 Regular and 1 Infinity pools.


You Should Care!

Because if you want to Get a List of AFFLUENT Folks To Sell to There is a Way.


Here's How We Get This List for Clients - Free.

***Texas Pool Supply Company Client Quote.

"My Dad Bought me a Pool Supplies Company. But How Can I sell Stuff? I Don't Know How To Get a List of Home Owners who own a Pool."

I Told him What to do.

And Was Reminded of my advice Just Today.

A Realtor wanted to Find More Affluent Home Owners to Work With.

I said, "There is a FREE Way to Get a List of Affluent Home Owners.

Just Go to The Office That Sells Pool Building Licenses.

In Baltimore, MD when I went to The Clerks Office - the lady charged me 10 cents a page for the List.

In Texas, The List of Pool Owners Addresses Cost 25 cents a page.

The Realtor I was Talking to Lives In Wisconsin.

So I Googled.

Dug around a Bit.

Found the Ph # and Address of the Office that Licenses Tattoo Parlors AND New Pool Construction in The State Capitol.

Madison, WI



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