How DisneyLand Over-Sold Park Capacity w/LUV BOMBING

Dear Friend,

Thanks to 100's of COMPLAINTS on Vacation Forums. Parents Complaining they "Accidentally" over-spent their Disney Vacation Budget by thousands.

I Started doing Research into The Disney "Imagineers."

Billed as The Inventors of new rides and fun things to do at Disneyland, Florida. We Discovered The "Imagineers" were using *Invisible* - Addictive Psychological Methods to Up-Sell a First Purchase.

One Term for This is "LUV - BOMBING"

For Example -

When You Check in at a Disneyland Hotel You get a Computerized Key.

When an early Table at Your Reserved Restaurant opens up - the following things happen.

#1 - As You and Your Family walk past a Robot Parrot - it SWAWKS, "Awwk! Call The "Goofy's Restaurant" to Get A Earlier Table."

#2 - Sidewalks Flash the same message

#3 - Animal Characters inside cartoon Movies - at rides you are waiting to board - TALK to you - using your name.

ALL Triggered by Proximity to Your RFID Tag - Room Key.

INSIDE The Restaurant You And Your Family Sit Down.

I - Your Daughter spots a "FROZEN Movie" Desert on another Families Table. "Daddy, Daddy - I want that Too."

II - Your Son Finds an Giant UGLY Cake Desert on another table, "Mommy, Mommy, I want that Ugly Desert too."

III - Your Kids spot seats at the front Counter near THE Chef. Those kids get a Free Giant Chef Hat. And the food on Their Plates spell out the kids Initials. "Daddy, Daddy..."

IV - You Pay Extra to Move Up to The Counter. But from There you can SEE out the door. Flaming Tables light up an outside dining area. Extra to move outside. "Mommy, Mommy, Let's go out and Eat with the Table on Fire."

V - A Bike Path Goes Past The Fire Tables on The Warf.

VI - A Paddle Wheel Ship goes By. Your Kids Point at the Boat and Want to go on-Board. While the Kids on the Boat Point at YOU. And want to Eat at the Restaurant with The FLAMES in the middle of each Table.

VII - The Kids on the Ferris Wheel Looks Down on The Flaming Dining Area. (The "Grass-is-Greener-Effect" Costs Parents Moolah here too.)

VIII - You see Thousands of Flickering Stars thru an Inner Doorway. Are told that is a Banquet Room for Parties. That you can Reserve. For Extra Dinero.

===== ===== You can Borrow The Disney LUV-BOMB Psychology Effect And Use it at Any Restaurant.

Italian Restaurant

My Guest and Me Had a Young College Guy waiter.

Menu - "I asked, "Which Do You Want as a Tip? 1.00 or Lotto ticket?"

Ice Water - "Lotto or Diamond Pen

Onion Soup - "Lotto or LED Lite

Salad - "Lotto or Red Paper Rose

I got the flounder - "Lotto or $2 Bill

CocoaNut Custard Desert - "Lotto or LED Ring

Jack Told me, "I've been Giving Your Lotto Tickets to that Pretty Girl over there. And The Red Rose Got me a Date. Thank You Thank You Thank you!

And My bill was 1/2 Price.

Somehow Several of my Food items were Mysteriously NOT Listed on The Bill.

Thanks, Glenn