Boyfriend LIED

  • Thank you Sooo Much
  • for the FBI Truth Test.
  • My best friend caught her
  • boyfriend sleeping around.
  • The PIG. Carol
  • ======================================

    Dear Glenn,

    I have truly enjoyed the lie detector report and to my surprise it does work. Now, I am interested in your Instant Handwriting System. How may I acquire it? Thanks for your time.



    Dear Glenn,

    Yes, you are welcome to use my Thank You note and might add "I find this to be quite intriguing".



    Car Salesman LIED

    Hi again,

    You were correct. When I went back to the zyx dealership and asked the car sales bast__d, "Have you sold this same car to others for less?"

    He said "No" - and LIED.

    I got mad and asked, "You're LYING. How MUCH less?"

    He got red in the face. Coughed. Stammered.

    Dropped the price by 400.00! (I think I startled him.) Which price I promptly used to buy a car from his competitor. At 400.00 less.

    I'd like to rivet gun the little weasel to the wall. I wouldn't buy Dog Food from the lying rat.

    Women really get taken advantage of car shopping.

    Thanks. (Yeah - You can share this diamond like wisdom with your readers.)



    ShowStore Clerk LIED

  • Hi Glenn, I Used Your Test of Truth Today
  • I was in a shoe store 10 minutes before closing.
  • The young girl clerk said she didn't have my size
  • Something seemed ODD. So I FBI quizzed her. She failed.
  • Then I double-checked! I told her a girl friend with same size
  • feet was in here yesterday. Look again. She found them! Surprise.
  • Thanks. You saved me making another shopping trip. Elaine
  • =======================================

    Rotten Boss LIED on Application

    Glenn, Luv the FBI Truth sneaky test. I caught my new boss from Hell in some lies. Asked the HR people some questions about her. Oh boy. Turns out nobody checked up on her Resume or qualifications. My boss is GONE. And they rewriting the hiring process. Thank you. Amen. Now I m my own boss again at work! Harriet


    Division Manager LIED

    Hey Glenn,

    Your FBI brain squeeze Report rocks. We all know our division manager is a rat. Well. After he called me in to say my job was "safe." I checked with your QUICKIE test. He lied.

    I checked around. Yup. Our division was TOAST.

    I got a NEW job even BEFORE he could FIRE me.

    THANKS, Jerry



    Clothing Store Clerk LIED


    Used your FBI Quiz in a clothing department at a store.

    I asked the cash register clerks name. Then compared her answer to her answer when I said, "Is this the cheapest shirt in medium you have?"

    She was lying. So I hunted around. Found a rack at 50% off. Then took the store discount of 40% off that. Got two shirts for 11.00 each.

    Thanks Glenn!



    CASE STUDY:A Stock Researcher friend - Craig - was worried. He'd heard rumors that his company was about to be bought by Perot Systems. We taught him the "INVISIBLE LIE Detector Test."

    He asked his division manager. (The striped polo shirt skunk said, "NOT TRUE.") And the guy lied.

    So we coached him on how to CALL other companies Perot Systems had bought up. Find out what Qualities they VALUED. Then write up HIS best qualities on a LIST. With PROOF. (Testimonials and notes from managers, co-workers and stock brokers he did Technical research for.)

    RESULT? Everyone in his department got a PAY cut. Or got fired EXCEPT for Craig Proctor. He was sworn to secrecy and given a PAY RAISE.

    I stuck this in Just so you know how VALUABLE knowing the TRUTH can be!



    Restaurant Order Taker LIED

    Hi. I took my Mom to lunch today.

    I noticed the receipt didn't have her Senior Citizen Discount on it. So I asked, "I could tell the girl LIED when I asked about it. She said, "We're Not allowed to give the senior citizen discount unless you ask."

    We went back a week later. Sure enough the girl gave us the BONUS without our asking.



    Room Full of Cocaine Addicts LIE over and over...


    Your FBI info is a god-send. I manage a hospital division. Our job is to support recovering addicts to get back into society.

    Some of these people used to make a million dollars selling drugs on the street. My nearly impossible mission?

    Keep them from back-sliding. Catch them in lies. Make them admit they lied. Prop them up until they get well enough to be responsible for themselves.

    My group now thinks I've got ESP and Psychic X-ray eyes all rolled into one.





    Got a good one for you.

    I got lost on the way to a meeting at MAC cosmetics.

    Stopped to get directions. The Playboy magazine reading store clerk seemed confident. But I use your LIE Detector Test.


    He LIED like an alligator rug. He didn't have a clue. I asked a customer. Got totally different directions. Got there on time.





    FBI Truth Test - How To CATCH A Liar In 60 Seconds

    Dear friend,

    Thanks for reading a few of the Testimonials I've collected.

    You'd LOVE it if you could spot a lie at 30 paces. WHAT IF... you had a handy dandy NLP Lie Detector in your head. So you'd know whenever a date fibs. Or a boyfriend. Or a girlfriend. Nothing electronic. Just a magical way to use your vitamix enhanced wits!

    Like hooked on phonics and math flash cards teach you reading and arithmetic. You'll learn some simple mind reading. Its quicker and sneakier than what we learned in school.

    Best of all...These techniques have been proven and used for years.

    The FBI already use a lie detector like this. You can't lie to an FBI agent.

    We did a marketing project with a Jay Abraham grad & former FBI agent. He taught us exactly how to CATCH a liar. 100% of the time. 100% accurate. And how to double check to make sure.

    Ya' know the BEST part?

    You know For Sure but the liar doesn't know you know.


    Let's say that another way.

    You'll know he or she is lying. But they won't know you found out. Until (or unless) you force them to admit they lied!

    It's often Safer to just - walk away.

    Rather than hit them over the head with your Hoover Floor mate. Wrap them in an egyptian cotton bed sheet. Toss them in the freezer.

    Too much effort. They're not worth your time. Why risk their anger?

    Now that you know the TRUTH.

    Just leave.

    Take Action on their Ass later - when it's safe.




    Las Vegas Casino Engineer Case Study:

    Here's more Proof. You CAN use this NLP Lie Detector system - over the phone. (We'll walk you thru it Step by Step in the FBI Truth Test Book.)

    We get referred to a client prospect. He works in a big Gambling Resort Casino.

    He complained that he hated the fact that his credit cards were always maxed out. He had to count his pennies just to buy an Amish Quilt for his wife's birtday.

    I asked, "Are you willing to SAVE? Pay off the cards IF we work together?

    He said, "Yes."

    But something didn't sound "right." His voice didn't sound ergonomic. Not comfortable.

    So I went thru the Lie Detector process quickly. HE FLUNKED.

    PROOF? His wife called the next day. BLURTED out that they'd taken a 2nd mortgage on their home to buy a new in-ground pool and sauna.

    You can't get paid when a client is in that Kind of deep HOT WATER. So I never called back.

    YOU can save yourself this way too.



    This Lie Detector System works in ANY language. With practice it takes 60 seconds or so. (About the same amount of time that Napoleon Hill took to mentally clear out a parking space. A client took "get Rich" classes from Napoleon himself.)

  • We all know lies can KILL.
  • IGnorance is dangerous!
  • In a 6 hr speech Brian Tracy advised us to ASK this question... "What are your goals?" THIS too is an invisible test. If he or she has none. No future with that person.
  • Why stay blind when you coulda, shoulda' - CAN see more clearly?
  • A - Men lie to women.
  • B - Women lie to men.
  • C - With Aids and untreatable STD's an unfaithful boyfriend or girlfriend can literally destroy your life. End it even.
  • And That is why we're offering this E-Report. As a service to our members.



    Free Demonstration #1 --

  • Think of your favorite elementary school teacher.
  • Picture your Dad or mothers face.
  • What did you eat for dinner last night?
  • Picture the inside front seat of your car.
  • Can you see the outside front door of the house or apt where you live?


    As you go back thru these images - please notice that your eyes move around. Each picture in your memory is in a different spot.


    We all store our memories in the air around us.


    When when someone stands too close and you say, "Don't crowd me - I can't think." This is VERY true. They're standing in your pictures! So you can't think clearly.

    People From Different Cultures Store Their Brain Pictures Differently TOO.

    An employee from India used to stand 2 feet from me. Spit in my face to talk. (I'd back up. He'd follow.)

    A Joe Sugarman biz associate told us that he took a while to get used to the distance differences. Hong Kong people stand closer to talk than in the USA.

    We attended a "Hugging Boot Camp". Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul fame was a speaker. Led an exercise. By the end of 2 days - I was hugging everybody I met.

    Dr Donald Moine talks about something similar. An NLP technique called a "negative yes."

    For our purposes here - The sum of all of these points is:

  • I - The FBI Truth Test allows U to READ how and where people store their memory pictures.
  • II - Do it in a quick, EZ way.
  • III - Read ANYones' mind - True or False - with absolute confidence. (We tell U how to double check what U found too.)
  • Why Should U Learn The FBI Truth Test?

    Cuz some of the most profitable companies in the world.



    Take advantage of where U look. And INSERT what they want you to feel... Simply because of their understanding of where your Brain Pictures are.

    Billion dollar corporations really do USE this information to force you to buy more.


    McDonalds is the most profitable restaurant chain in the world. Not by accident.

    McDonalds puts all it's food signs WAY up high.


    Because Robert Cialdini and other top NLP experts know people look down when they're sad. And unhappy people don't buy as much!

    By forcing you to look UP - you feel happier and you EAT more.

    The top psychologists in the world figure out stuff like this.


    The FBI knows we all have a place we look when we tell the truth. We also have a spot we look at when we lie.

    The phrase, "He had a shifty eyed look about him," takes on new meaning now. Doesn't it?

    Many people have rapidly moving eyes as they formulate ways to say something different than the truth. So there is a lot of truth to this. Others are more practiced liars. But you can still spot them.

    IF you know how.

    You get the following easy to use information in a book. Proven strategies we use in our consulting business.

    "FBI Truth Test - How To Spot (& CATCH) A Liar In 60 Seconds" -

    #1 - Face to face - in person -- You get simple questions you can ask. They sound like everyday conversation. So nobody will know what you are doing. You can walk away - SAFE.

    #2 - Over the phone - Yup. You get our pre-tested Groucho Marx phone routine too. We use this with prospects who say "I can't afford to pay you so much money." It's tough to negotiate when the other guy seems to Read Your Mind!

    #3 - On-line too - Using Instant Messaging - You can give any man or woman the "FBI Truth test." Bust him or her. Save your time. Save yourself lots of money for travel and dates.

  • Even if you type slow
  • This'll save you dough!
  • Skip out on dates with bums & liars.

    The Best - Be Safe - Be pottery barn Prepared - Investment you'll make.


  • #1 - CHEAP. Since this can SAVE your life. A guy wants to help you with your groceries. You ASK, "You're just going to HELP me? That's all? ONE look and you'll know to STAY inside until he's gone. Or - allow him to help.
  • #2 - You want to KNOW if a Cab driver KNOWS how to get to a Robert Kiyasaki program. You ASK a couple questions and you KNOW for sure.
  • #3 - You ASK your son or daughter. Are YOU using any kinds of drugs? Are kids at this party going to be smoking WACKY weed? You may FIND OUT a lot real Quick.
  • #4 - You make a presentation for a prospective client. You ASK the Division Head, "Are you really, truly interested in BUYING? (You can make a LOT more presentations to REAL prospects if you KNOW what decision makers are truly THINKING!)
  • #5 - You doubt? While coming back from a Tony Robbins speech I asked a client, "Are you going to pay me for consulting? (We waited.) Then asked, "Or are you going to pay Tony 25K?"
  • Hey. Hey. Tony had the guy hypnotized. Saved us a whole lotta wasted time.


    (We Snail Mail You The FBI TRUTH TEST or - You E-mail me the E-mail address you want it sent to. I'll send you the PDF file or you'll get it right in the Gobsmacking Email window. (No con-founded "reader" software needed.)

    Does this work? We apply Bugs Bunny and road runner - Beep Beep style marketing shortcuts for clients. Just this week a guy said he couldn't afford a $1000 fee. BUSTED. Red handed.

    TODAY - met a man who moaned, "I'm strapped. Cleaned out. Did the FBI Test to double-check.

    He never knew we called his office. Asked "I was just having lunch with Jim Whiting your boss. Where did he say he was taking his vacation? I want to surprise him with a gift that is appropriate. HA! He's going to Cabo San Lucas for 2 weeks! (Broke, yeah right. Liar.)

    Is the check REALLY in the mail? Now you will know for sure.

    It certainly saves us a lot of wasted time. No more pain from prospects who wouldn't know the truth if it bit them.

    We drop them so hard they bounce!

    Thanks, Glenn

    P.S. - "Awww Mom - How did you know I haven't done all my homework - You're in California."

    Don't get up out of your chair to find out if they've taken out the trash. Or washed the dishes. Or cleaned their room. Ask a few casual questions. You'll get a reputation at home as...

  • Psychic Mom.
  • Psychic Dad.
  • P.P.S. - Ask your Boss - "Will I get hooked on phonics xxx'd next?" Kinda' handy to really know the truth.




    Here is how YOU can benefit or profit - NOW.

    Dating - Your LOVE life - Is he or she telling you the TRUTH about your Relationship?

    #1 - Is your LOVE in love with someone else? FIND OUT. Don't waste energy on the bum. You won't need a psychic or a PI or private detective. Does your boyfriend or hubby REALLY have to work late? Find out for sure on the phone. Without him knowing YOU know. (This is not hypnosis. You can learn to do it in 5 minutes)

    At HOME - #2 - Manage and control your kids. Don't raise your cholesterol and blood pressure. No more stress. Is the kid on drugs. ASK in a way that tells you for sure. Does your son or daughter REALLY have thier homework done? Sleep better cuz you know.

    At WORK - #3 - Control, influence and AVOID lying bosses and co-workersYou know there are Hundreds of books about DIFFICULT people. That means millions of co-workers with SOB on their foreheads. (Water purification - you purify and drink spring water. Why not do the same with the people near you?) You can ID and AVOID these wolves in Barbie Doll sheeps clothing!

    Every work place has problem people. Wouldn't it be LOVERLY to really know who to trust. And them None the wiser? Like having a new reader in your corner. Who doesn't READ the words. He uses Mind control and NLP or hypnosis to get the truth from their brain. Without anybody knowing. Not even them.

    In SALES True (our quickie, no study) handwriting screening system helps. But how do you know who to do a Personality Profile on. Spot the Prospect from Hell. The one with the hgh, hide in plain sight be a new person wigs. Focus on the honest prospects who will pay on time. Metaphysical and ancient eckankar science has its place. Add what you know to this weird wiring take advantage of Unconscious - unchangeable thinking patterns method. (This FBI Truth Test literally takes a few seconds to use once you try it.)

    You know that experience teaches you cannot trust anyone completely. Even people you love - change. People at home or work hide a magic mask. Your digital fujifilm camera sees ONE of many faces. Women have the estee lauder face. We all see people hiding behind the sunglasses face. A tanning salon tan conceals so much.

    Dating and relationships can mean DEATH. In this age of AIDS. So this very Special E-Boolet wouldn't have to be HALF so good to be worth buying.

    Not one return in over a 2 years. AND we offer an Iron-clad 365 day guarantee.



    P.P.P.S - You can find out almost ANYthing with the FBI Truth Test...

    One of your kids puts marbles in your home made brownie and cake mixer. BUSTED!

    Some rat at work leaves thumb tacks on your chair. Your new blue black blue jean slacks have blood on them. FIND out who did it.

    Someone puts the wrong batteries in your dog's leash and shock collar. Find out which rascal tried to electrocute your pet.

    Someone took a Nikon color photo shot of his butt. Left it in your digital camera. Wanna' know who? You will!

    A co-worker borrowed and returned your sawdust making miter saw. With a nail in the teeth. Roast the right rat!

    Your sparkling diamond ring has fudge ice cream all over it. Which kid do you blame?

    You go out to your pickup for lunch. A roofer with a nail gun has shot holes in the paint. Which SOB to you kill? (I've seen these clowns SHOOT these things. They disable the safety.)

    You find your cat tree scratcher on the roof. Which of your lovely neighbors did the deed?

    You decide to try out your new superfast, wireless cell phone. Call a friend. She's gossiping. Won't tell you who TOLD her. (Oh yes, You can find out.)

    Your fat golfing iron seems to be bent. You left to take a phone call. Which of your grinning 4-some do you send the bill to?

    Your new sewing machine seems to have chewing gum inside the needle. Which innocent looking child do you tattoo with a spanking?

    There. That gives you some CLUE how useful this strategy is! I used it to keep 211 screaming, loud, backbiting staffers from killing each other and me. It's NICE to know the truth. And have nobody else the wiser.



    You May Want To Know, "What ELSE is This NLP Stuff Good for?"

    The SAME NLP stuff sells 50% of all books bought. Romance Novelists like Jayne Anny Krentz use NLP headlines and Emotion dripping words to SELL books like crazy.

    Ever see any of those Sunday ministers? The hour of power and OTHER ministers raise 100's of millions for their TV evangelism out-reach programs with NLP strategies.

    Robert Kiyasaki drove his best selling Rich Dad books onto the New York Times Best sellers list thru NLP leverage. SAles teams. Nlp games. Hypnotic articles customized for 100's of market niches.

    Horror films that Wes Craven and other producers make over and over. Are the #1 best selling movie in the USA. Movie goers CRAVE the adrenaline SCARE rush.

    Babyface and other Hip Hop and Rap music producers carefully write their lyrics to product NLP emotion endorphins in the listeners brains.

    Ipod and other head-phone carry in your hand gadgets can SELL music that is FREE elsewhere on the net. Because people are in LOVE with their tunes. And want a clear, convenient place to GET 'em and play them.

    Edu-tainment is here for kids. Parents who want their children to READ instead of play Dungeons and dragons - D&D Rpg games. MUST start buying software that combines FUN games with learning. Kids and adults too now have the attn span of a gnat!

    Donna Karan and other top clothing designers are moving younger. Top designs are being pushed down to pre-teens. They're doing it by using NLP music combined with MTV visuals. AND competing parents with parents to see whose kids are "off-thechain Cool."



    Some FUN ideas and Places to Practice Invisible Hypnosis - 138 or WATCH NLP being used 158. Keep these in your mental Duffel bag 528.

    What ELSE Can You Do To Control, Persuade or TRUTH READ People?

    Watch how giant companies do it. You'll have a head start.

    Television - Comcast Cable has a recording on some of their phones that says, "Leave a message. We'll call you back."

    What they're REALLY saying is, "We don't have enough staffers to take your call."

    AMAZON doesn't do this. Many bookstores - Borders and others have a SAVINGS card. What they are saying when they ask you to PAY them to save is, "You are amazingly nice to Pay us just cuz we said so."

    Statistics show most people do not buy enough books to repay the cost of the card.

    RETAIL food - A friend manages a Krogers food store. He buys a truck load of soda pop and Coke a week. Gives it away at cost... Promotes the sale - one 6 pack per customer.

    What they are saying when they do this is, "We know you don't have the discipline to walk to the back of the store - to get your Free Pepsi - then back to the front - Without BUYING lots of impulse stuff."

    Wal-Mart has many brilliant ways of making YOUR hooked on phonics moolah their Moolah.

    #1 - Courtesy. Please and thank you words are used. Employees greet you at the door.

    #2 - When you can't find something. All employees are instructed to TAKE you to the trailer hitch item you're looking for. Not just point - like competing store employees do.

    #3 - We're not sure about this. But based on other top marketers around the world. We believe that Wal-mart actually sells MORE due to things moving around so fast in their stores. You HAVE to ask directions.

    Chopper riders and the rest of us too BUY more when they are talking one on one to store staffers.

    #4 - FREE PHOTOGRAPHS - We know a photographer with Carnival Cruise. He spends hours taking color shots of all the guests. Tapes 1000 photos to the walls of the corridors leading to the dining areas.

    Mommy, mommy - Daddy, Daddy - are doomed to buy THAT digital photo.

    We mention this cuz we've seen similar programs at 3 or 4 different Wal-mart stores.

    #5 - WATCH out for the words "SALE" or 25% to 50% off - on items along the aisles. Many of the real discounts are near FAKE discounts. That are actually much cheaper else-where.


    Vegetarian Foods - This area is Growing SO fast that Wal-mart and others are jumping into it. Refrigerated, edible flowers anyone?

    Flower power control. Notice how the lights Change and brighten the colors - better than mother nature can do? A rotten trick.

    We finally figured out what Tofu is. But not how to follow the how to cook it - directions. Our bread machine only works well with white flour. Burns up when we try a heavy pagan dessert recipe. pile it full of raisins and nuts. Sigh.

    Cookbook hijinks - The wall street Journal just talked about the cookbook trend back to recipes that use food from cans. Cuz people don't have the Vegen ingrediants on hand.

    Perfume - We know a dentist who uses home made bread to perfume his offices. So people don't smell any antiseptic.

    Bass Fishing is tough compared to People fishing. Scientific studies show that Malls and vampires have lots in common. Both control the look and smell of things to manipulate their victims. Total Surprise is a great sales WMD weapon.

    Humvee ads. You can tell men wrote these things. Aimed them at the WRONG group too. Women. If your angel child gets sand kicked in her face. So what if you the parent Own a big, bad car - or a BMW either - it won't change how you OR your kid let others treat you.

    We've been watching some Texas Holdem poker. Not sure what is best to hide your emotions. Sunglasses. A baseball cap. Hand to your face seems to work ok. Maybe we should home school for this stuff. Maybe carry a toy train in your pocket. Fiddle with that.

    TupperWare parties are all about Truth reading and Control. Women go to these things to help their friends. When they see others buying more than they planned to. They feel honor bound to match it.

    Keep a smile on your face. And your eyes wide open. You'll NEED the "FBI Truth Test" to find out the truth about who ELSE is doing stuff - that you CAN'T see so easily.




    Just Suppose You Are Ordering Over The Phone?

    We've recently discovered that by asking the FBI Truth Test Type Questions - STEP I - No Stress Question. STEP II - Then a PRESSURE question. If you LISTEN Closely you can hear sales people LIE over the phone.

    Below are a few of the product niches I've been researching on Ebay. Unusual - even strange products and services. Before I Buy I Ask a couple questions. To find the TRUTH behind each you too need a proven way to FBI Truth Test the sellers. 138 158 528

    Some of the Other Unusual Energy or sales or marketing products and services I've found on Ebay are -

    #1 - A green laser is beamed energy.

    #2 - Yugio green magic card deck auctions boast of Dark Energy - ooooh.

    #3 - Someone is actually selling a Monster energy wrist band or bracelet

    #4 - Then we have a green energy drink or superfood

    #5 - The acai berry is supposed to give you energy

    #6 - Then we have the green tea. Supposed to detox and energize

    #7 - Car energy from the Kawasaki motor racing team

    #8 - Green Jade Pendants are suppose to help you live longer - energy healing to boot.

    #9 - We must not forget the Energy drinks. RedBull has added caffeine to theirs. Must be a kick in the pants.

    #10 - Steve Jobs at Apple computer has found a greener longer lasting battery to power the iPad and the ipod too.

    #11 - A powerseller says that his energy drink will help you lose weight and lose fat due to walking more.

    #12 - Pokemon is selling green energy collectors cards.

    #13 - Then there is Energy saving window film. I used to put a sticky version of this over busted windows at my college job.

    #14 - You know Green is big when Lego comes out with a Green Halo energy mini action figure.

    #15 - HVAC or air conditioning has changed too. More energy efficient.

    #16 - Oh yes - an Energy saver blanket

    #17 - Energy gemstone necklaces - I wonder how they work?

    #18 - Dunno how this works but there is a GU10 Green energy saving light bulb too

    #19 - The energy candy bar Larabar Jocalat sticker is being sold

    #20 - I've been reading about solar energy gadgets that power or recharge your watch or your PDA.

    #21 - A UK company sells a pedal machine that can recharge your computer while you are out camping or deer hunting.

    #22 - 6 bottles of Blue green algae or spirulina energy food are for sale.

    #23 - Plus a farm life magazine teaches you how to add a wind turbine to your farm.

    #24 - All sorts of pholtovoltaics are there. Entire websites.

    #25 - A white witch is offering to do a "custom Energy Spell" for you - only 33.00

    #26 - You can cleanse your aura with wicca witchcraft energy.

    #27 - We've got positive energy aura spells for sale

    #28 - And somebody claiming to be a Vampire is offering a pranic Psychic Energy spell for 695.00!

    #29 - I believe our exercises can help all those using Reiki Magic.

    #30 - There is a moon tides energy amulet

    #31 - And a cleanse my karma spell to uplift energy

    #32 -Uncut emeralds are supposed to attract energy

    #33 - Then we've got the clear skin Beauty Wiccan Bliss energy spell.

    #34 - Wicca positive pregnancy and Fertility Energy spell

    #35 - I'm not saying any of this won't work. I'm just saying - I've seen dowsing done but IF your energy is 200% greater - you will be a better dowser.

    #36 - Copper nuggets and bracelets energize and heal - maybe

    #37 - I love this guy selling Voodoo wicca Energy spells. Do these 2 kinds of magic fit together? Perhaps a massively energize aura would let you combine some of this stuff.

    #38 - The book of 5 rings talks about I Ching Reading coins

    #39 - I like the looks of the 258.00 Vlad or Dracula Coffin handbag. Red leather. But you'd NEED extra energy to carry the extra wgt.

    #40 - I've seen hello kitty pillows. But Black devil goth skull cat earrings are kind of trippy.

    #41 - Afraid to close your eyes? Get a Pirates skull goth Daddy moonbeam pillowcase.

    #42 - I like the Lizard eye Gothic Pendant too.

    #43 - Some of my best customers when I sold advertising were Gypsy Palm readers. The business owner was always home. I got dizzy many times from psychic readings. only 7.99 for a 1/2 hr

    #44 - I guess if you are going to get an amulet - a Haunted Witches Amulet that attracts positive energy is better than one without the spook energy.

    #45 - I worked with a dentist one time who had a full time numerologist to help him make decisions.

    #46 - Here's someone selling Haunted Dolls - with protection spirits attached. The doll looks scary alright.

    #47 - Tarot card reading is popular. I have a deck but haven't taken the time to learn how to use it.

    #48 - Djinn Watcher is a Red stone amulet that contains the spirit of an angel that helps you attract what you want.

    #49 - The Haunted female watcher RING grants wishes. Looks nifty.

    #50 - The rare Haunted Warlock Ring contains 10,000 Angels - 30,652.00 so it better be good!

    #51 - Haunted ring of universal magic 2,500.00

    #52 - In a Nikola Tesla biography the author told how the inventor had so much electricity in his body that when he'd pet the cat his mother was afraid the sparks would start a fire in the house. It's Clear the body can store a Lot more Electrical Energy than we settle for.

    #53 - Years ago I attended 15 Jay Abraham Protege Events. Jay announced that the owner of Nightingale-Conant was in the room. Credential himself? Yes, but the Energy injected into the room by regular listing of STARS was amazing.

    #54 - Orson Wells was clearly a high energy person. In his youth he travelled to meet famous people. He wrote radio and movie scripts. Produced plays. Dated the movie stars of his day. Didn't seem to sleep much. "The War of the Worlds" radio panic was an off the cuff accident.

    #55 - A Florida billionaire we interviewed - uses his person Energy and confidence level to act like a Pied Piper convince 10 investors to put 100 million each into his bank. Then he shows them how to double it. Sir Richard Branson was one of his neighbors.

    #56 - Author Orson Scott Card - applies a gravity based sense of energy and leadership in his mega-book - best seller - Enders Game.

    #57 - The brother of a friend - got investors to put up a billion to buy and build a Mega-golf-Resort in Hawaii. Then he needed help from my friend - to sell million dollar memberships. She has a hobby that takes Energy and guts. She travels around to friends houses making them money on the fly.

    #58 - Why do you think Microsoft xbox 360 sales took off - (They created a high energy Situation) they set up game challengers and rewards for best selling games?

    #59 - An Associate of mine, Judy Kendall in Ohio, couldn't sell FuzzBuster Radar Detectors except face to face until she hit on the idea of using CD Radio. She also harnessed the ideas and energy of the janitor and the secretaries.

    #60 - The Survivor TV show is almost always won by the one person who has the energy to OUT-think the others.

    #61 - An important aspect of the Profitability of the Google miracle search engine is based on an Extra Energy Reward/penalty System. Each employee has to post something NEW they are doing every other day or get their pay docked.

    #62 - Steve Jobs built his see-thru Apple Stores to take advantage of the fact that Extra Energy is created in non-buyers when they see OTHERS buying Macs and playing with electronic iPhone toys they don't have.

    #63 - What do you think REALLY motivated the ancient Egyptian pharaohs and Kings to build pyramids for themselves? The men that got the most buildings up lived longest.

    #64 - Texas Holdem Poker is popular because of the psychology it uses. The best players shove Electrical Energy into the others at the table. Rattle and Unsettle them so they can't think. I've seen Phil Helmuth lose because of this.

    #65 - Dan Kennedy says one of his favorite restaurant marketing strategies is borrowing cars from a used car lot. This takes some Guts and outside the box Energy!

    #66 - In the Bible - the story of David and Goliath is one of the most popular. Yes - the little guy beating the giant is memorable. But the REASON David won was his faith and High Energy belief in himself. He'd killed lions. He figured Goliath was going to be easier and he was right. His positive energy kept the naysayer energy away.

    #67 - Founding father Ben Franklin walked and swam and did all kinds of athletics as a young man. He had so much energy that he'd stay up writing all night. His brother threw him out of the house for sneaking articles - supposedly written by a woman - under his door. He used the idea to build his Print Shop franchising business. He was ahead of Walmart.

    #68 - The Franklin Stove. Ben's personal energy is still affecting America. In his 80's Ben Franklin negotiated to create 2 houses in Congress. Barak Obama would have more quickly passed his Health Bill if Ben hadn't broken a tie and set up a Senate AND a Congress to balance representation.

    #69 - (FBI Truth test is a kind of Magic) My favorite Magic tricks are those where the volunteer on stage is confused. But the audience is laughing because they See the trick coin and Understand the trick. I've Practiced this a few times. It takes Energy to out-think an entire audience.

    #70 - Donald Trump focuses on building hi rise towers for the affluent. Because he knows how to tap into the Energy power of the many people and apply Andrew Carnegie psychology to sell out the units. BEFORE the building is finished.

    #71 - (FBI Truth Test is quicker at weeding out the cheats than THE DONALD) The Apprentice - uses layers and layers of Mastermind Energy power. Which is why Mr Trump focused so much of his own and his top team members time on it. It had a quantum effect on his wealth.

    #72 - (Hard to LIE. Les sold his music by waiting outside the elevator to surprise record producers.) Did you know that Les Paul - the inventor of the gibson guitar - personally applied a personal sales energy solution to make his own sales? He sold his first album to a struggling record producer.

    #73 - (Humor is a way to get to the Truth also) Rodney Dangerfield discovered the Higher Energy Clout of being the under-dog in his comedy persona. The man who don't get no respect.

    #74 - Dale Earnhardt was called The Intimidator. If he couldn't win he'd wreck other drivers cars. He had to win or else.

    #75 - I just watched Will Smith in an interview. Then went on to watch other YouTube videos about him. His father tore down a stone wall. Then told Will and his younger brother to rebuild it. It looked impossible. Took them a yr and a half. Dad said, "See, you can do the Impossible."

    #76 - (Good practice FBI Testing folks coming out of a Hypnotic movie.) The Reason Star Wars is so popular world wide is the fact that ONE MAN successfully opposed all others and changed an empire spanning many galaxies.

    #77 - (I did a conference call with investors who Didn't know what they were selling.) The recent tip of the day Affiliate Program offer by Bob Proctor - who is re-selling his old content in a new way - on-line. Skips all Testimonials, endorsements and other social proof. Bob relies instead on the Hi Energy chutzpah.

    #78 - (Useful to ask if You will be hypnotized) Looking back to my interview of Tony Robbins #1 salesman, he used the a high personal energy formula to get his start. He gave dozens of speeches all over town for FREE. And Anthony Robbins applied the same concept IN his seminar room. And in his TV and video sales offers.

    #79 - At Seminars - Info Product Sales - The one time I watched Brian Tracy speak I was struck by his energy level. The hotel had given the audience WRONG directions to find the room with his products. But Brian found a way around that.