George Lucas
3-D Casting
Secret For

Dear Friend,

George Lucas Hates Writing Movie Scripts so He used the 50K he got
from "Fox" to Hire 2 Script Writers.

George Wrote the plot story.

Zero Money to make the StarWars Movie. So George spent
400,000.00 of his own Cash - he got from "American Grafitti."

George couldn't afford to fail.

So he Personally interviewed 100's of Totally unknown kids
sent by "Casting Guru" - Fred Roos. Rounded up from local colleges and theater

Level I - George Personnally Chose the best actors to Call Back.

Level 2 - George had his "Maybe" Group of actors Read a scene from the Script. Made changes to the Script IF
the words were not right. And chose the Best "actors" who did the best "Cold Reads."

LEVEL 3 - The Final Actors chosen Were put together. Read their parts Together.
Surrounded by strangers. IF there wasn't a SPARK btwn two actors. George Tested a Different Prospect.
Until he found people who were "Magic" together.

This is a TON of Extra Work.

But Explains Why GEORGE Has had a String of BlockBusters. And many other Movie
Directors Movies Fail.

ALSO - This can Only be done with Newbie Actors. Young men and women
Who have no Experience. Don't know it's not normal to Work and work
for Free. Before you are hired. Day after day.

Just for a Chance to be in a Film.

We Adapted This Idea
to Create our OUT-Rageous Guarantee.

(365 Day - 100% Moolah Back Guarantee. Which we offer for all 102 - of our (1-of-a-kind) Ebooks and Mp3 Programs.
Same Guarantee we Use for Marketing Clients.)

The Secret?

Just What Gary Halbert used to do from his PINK MERCEDES.

Except we do it from home.
From My Computer Chair.

When 100's of people ran up to Gary's HOT PINK CAR - Gary would Say, "You don't know me. But I'm The guy behind
lots of the Celebrity Ads You see on TV. And I'm working on a new Promo. WHICH headline do you like best? A or B?"

I do the same Thing.

Except if I am Writing an Ad for "Golf Digest" for a Client. I Find Golfing Forums. Go on "Craigs List".
Ebay and Amazon.

Ask people selling Golf Clubs and Clothing, "Have you seen this Ad?"

IF the Headline and offer are "Ready to Pay" I will start getting emails saying, "Where can I Buy this Widget."

Then we Run The Ad.

The Client Is Guaranteed a Profit.

AND this same offer will MAKE MONEY on all of the Social Media Sites. And the Clients website.

PLEASE NOTICE - Like George Lucas - This Pre-Testing Step
Costs NOTHING. And can be done very fast.


P.S. - We Pre-Tested an ad for "Bartenders Guide on How To Pick Up Women"
for my client, Bryan Redfield, this way. Before paying to run the ad in
"Soldier of Fortune" Magazine. (700.00 ad Sold Thousands of books.)

Except I was in a Hurry.

So I visited a few Baltimore, MD Colleges. College bookstore. College Gym. College Cafeteria. Even the library.
Moving FAST. Because I could hear Coeds Saying, "Did you HEAR what that guy asked me?"