Rivera - TV
Church Pimp

Rivera - TV
Church Pimp

Dear Friend,

Thanks to An overwhelming amount of money Streaming into
a Chain of Private Wife Swapping Clubs.

Not sure what you call a Such a Private Club For Adults.

Geraldo Explained how (A Mystery Group of Club Owners)
hired a Pimp to Go into Local Churches
where "Spotters" Reported Beautiful Young Women in the Congregation.

Official Authority Proof was Perfect.
The Clothing,
The Italian PassPort,
The PaperWork.

Endorsement by Church Leaders.

The Handsome Young Pimp,
Posed as An Italian Foreign Exchange Student.

And Joined The Parish Priest when he Visited Church Congregation member Homes.

Drugging The Food.

The Pimp Persuaded Young Girls to Climb out
their Bedroom Windows at 1 am.

Jump in his Mercedes.

And Party with Paying Clients.

As a retired CIA Agent - Who has worked with Pimps - Around the World.

To take Down - international Drug Cartel Leaders
explains it.

In a Couple Hours - a Top Pimp Can Overstimulate Pleasure
Centers So The Woman Can Never FEEL that Level of
Pleasure again - without him.

Mr CIA Showed me how it is done.
By Combining 3 Orgasms into One. Then Creating a Control Link.

The Pimp can then LUV BOMB (Over-stimulate) Girls
in seconds over the Phone.

How to Legally Make Extra
Money with This Pretty Women Idea

Randy Owned a Commercial Security Business in Texas.

But Needed a Way to Get In The Door.

So He Went to an Agent who Represents Amateur Models.

Went thru their Catalog of Girls.

Found a PERFECT 10 Blonde.

Set Appointments - OUT of the Office.

AND While the Prospect is Staring
at the Hot Model - Posing as his CEO.

I - Randy Explained how he picked their cheap office Locks.

II - Found the Safe. Found the KeyCode under the desk blotter.

III - Put a Bug in the Boss Office.

IV - Hacked their WiFi

V - Recorded a video of a Truck Driver Stealing stuff out of the Warehouse.

VI - Checked the Building Owner. And found tenants - on The Top Floor
in better locations and Better offices - Paying Less Rent.

(EDITORS NOTE - I Didn't make these examples up. Randy DOES this
to His Prospective Clients.)

Enough Difference to Pay for his Security Services.

AT RANDY'S SIGNAL - The Hot Blonde CEO Handed Each Prospect a Contract
And 100% Signed it.