Greased PIG Speed WRITING: How To Write Effortlessly


Unknown Small Town Teachers' Fast-As-A-Greased-Pig-SPEED WRITING-System Means You Can Create E-Books & Reports As Fast As You can Write - Effortlessly - Without Stopping To Think.

If You Can Write a Letter To Mom, You Can Soar To Success In Writing. ANY kind of writing. Using This Undiscovered Copywriting Shortcut. Developed After Decades Of Testing on 1000's of Students by an English Teacher. Someone Desperately Searching for Ways To Help Kids Write Well w/Little or No Practice. He succeeded!

What's in it for You?

Well. First you get - Guaranteed Success or 100% of your money back up to 365 days after you TEST this Quick-Copywriting Course out yourself. You apply this EZ - Instant 3-Step Writing Strategy ONE TIME. It's Guaranteed to work - First time - everytime. Everything you choose to write will be EZ as pie. Like talking about your book to a friend.

How do we know this SPEED WRITING works?

(CUZ we've created a couple dozen Information products with this same SPEED WRITING system.)

How can YOU be sure it'll work for YOU?

You can LISTEN to what previous buyers say...


TESTIMONIAL #1 - Dear Glenn, ...after learning the Greased Pig Writing system, I began finishing a lot of the work related items that had been languishing on my desk for quite some time.

You see, my first job is to write proposals and specifications for aircraft systems. Well, with the Greased Pig system, most of the work is completed in half the time or less that it takes the other engineers.

(This is starting to piss some people off - not the important ones, though).

Looks like the system is going to way-more-than pay for itself when raises come out in April.




Testimonial #2 - YES!!! Feel free to use my testimony about your wonderful Speed Writing Course!! I use it every day and ABSOLUTELY LOVE it!!!

Thank you!!



College Student Copywriting Testimonial:

Hey Glenn,

Thanks again for SPEED Writing.

Here's what I did:

My professor assigned a yucky 2 page marketing assignment. Not fancy Glenn style marketing, but silly college textbook marketing that bores an aspiring student of marketing like myself.

Anyways, since you taught me the SPEED Writing, I went ahead and did the secret step you showed me, and I cranked the thing out, start to finish in a Blinding 11 minutes.

Wait a second. What just happened? I spent over an hour on this assignment last week. You see, he assigns a new "case" every week we have to write.

Thanks to you, I cranked this one out, which leaves me more time to study the real marketing that it is a lot more FUN. This is great now, I just freed up about 4-5 extra hours a week, just from writing my silly college papers.

Tell all of your readers to get this, especially those who HAVE to write, or want to crank out a real book fast.

Thanks again,

Angus (name changed - as usual)



Hi Glenn,

Yes, I got Speed Writing and it's absolutely wonderful, and I've been so busy using it to write some things I've wanted to write and procrastinated about and have finally started writing and now it flows effortlessly and lavishly which is so amazing to me. It's as if the procrastination about this and other writing projects has been replaced with a passion to write them.

Who would've thought that such simple techniques could produce such extraordinary results so fast! I'm amazed and thrilled about the many possibilities.

Sincerely, John

P.S.- I truly LOVE your stuff!! :)



Testimonial #5 - My experience so far with speed writing: I did the exercises right away (this is already a good sign) In the first exercise, my thoughts were completely scatterred, there was no flow from one thought or one sentence to the next, same thing when i tryed it spoken.

When i did it the speed writing way, with the preperation, even the preperation came out more naturally, and by the time i set the timer and started writing thoughts just started to flow, and they were more organized in a way that made sense.

Same thing when spoken.

So when i tested it again, about a different topic... SAME THING... 2 minutes are up, and im still wanting to write more, because im not done with the sentence, and i still have more to say,


please feel free to edit this email and use this in your marketing, thank you Glenn



Testimonial #6 - Glenn,

YES, you can share my SUCCESS with your SPEED WRITING course. Let me share more.

When i FIRST read your ebook, i was sort of let down. I didn't think it was worth first. BUT then, I started to USE it. I first used it on some thoughts that I had in mind, and it WAS so EASY to do.

Then i really put it to use. THE REAL WORLD. When IT REALLY mattered. After an intereveiw, that went well, i needed to send a thank you letter. So, i started typing away. "Thank you for taking the time, etc. etc." YOU know, the same old stuff that EVERYONE else does. I wrote a paragraph, and realizeed that i haven't REALLY said anything of signifigance. THAT's when IT happened. THe idea to put YOUR SPeed WriTing to the test.

So i typed out an outline of all the things that i wanted to say, and it just followed from one idea 'A' to 'B' and so on, until I put down all i wanted to say. ThEN I just filled in the missing sentences, put it together with the right puncutation and Bam, it was done. AND in LESS TIME than the first paragraph itself.

YEA, I thought, this IS EAsy, but does it WORK? I didn't know. I wrote quickly, but what I really wanted was a new JOB. I sent the message out. AND, I got a reply BACK. MY ideas hit a chord with the direct report. Wow, I NEVER thought that MY ideas would HIT such a BiG nerve.

The funny thing, as I look back on this situation, is that, IF i would have wrote the letter in my OLD way, the response would have been different...BECAUSE, it would have been the same as every other thank you note from a job candidate.

YES, your SPEED WRITING course worked. I am now testing it in OTHER situations.





Testimonial #7 - Hi Glen,

THANKS for your ideas.

YES you can share my testimonials with the other readers.

IT IS pretty AMAZING that something so small could pack such a punch. (For me it's because you got us to DO something. If it was looonger I MAY not have even tried the exercises.)


Dear Glenn,

Thanks for asking! I have 2 homework assignments completed:

Homework assignment #1

I actually wrote 2 chapters of a public speaking ebook before Iactually finished reading the SPEED WRITING ebook. ( Once I started the 2 min. exercise, I just kept on flowing ... Ha! It was taking a "lifetime" before.

Homework assignment #2

I wrote my first online personal Ad for a female friend of mine that she is EXSTATIC about. She's actually had her first reply to her today! I was able to do it one sitting with MINIMAL editing. Thanks for this





Testimonial #9 - Dear Glenn

Thanks for that.

I took some time to go through the exercises in your speed writing course. It was really interesting to write for two minutes without stop and think. I wrote about all areas just to get more practice and I ad two diferent one from my previous work.

When I read it afterwords I was amazed how could i write so much in such short time.

Today I spoke to a prospect about marketing and he said that his business goes ok but neibouring business are not doing so well and he sugested i go talk to them. He also said that most of these people dont come to their business association meetings and ask for advice either. I offered him front of the room speach for free for 30 minutes which he was happy to accept. I offered to write a letter to invite other business owners. Normally I would wait till the last minute to start writing something because im not such a good copywriter. But I decided today to put your speed writing to the test. It took me about 15-20 minutes to put it together. When I wanted retype on the computer and change few things i found that the first copy actually sounded the best to me.I`ve attached the letter for you to critique it for me, or just to have a look.

I think one major benefit for me will be that I wont wait till the deadline to start working on the projects for myself and my clients any more.

If you can use this as a testemonial you are welcome otherwice I will let you know when I get some response on my letters.

Regards Vince


Here's why WE are so sure it works...

(The System allows us to TEST and Create new products Jiffy quick. When you create a sales letter effortlessly - in just a few hours. And do it again and again. Making 1000's each time. This dependable profit-power tends to make you a little self confident and cocky.)

Why take so BIG a risk with our 365 day - 100% Money back Guarantee?

(Hey - It's not a risk. By going the EXTRA 100 miles on each of our products. Giving MORE information and service than you expect... If someone Asks for their moolah back. Fine. You get it. We feel good. Cuz we did the best we can do.)

Here's what it's all about:

Why The Words SPEED WRITING Caught My Eye

While idly paging down thru some Ebay auctions. In the Jay Abraham niche. Or perhaps it was another guru. Dan Kennedy maybe.

I came across a bad headline. Low, low price on the auction. Zero bids. The headline said something about "No Work Copywriting." Or "Instant Writing. Or "Sleep Writing. Or "Quickie Writing. Some bare minimum that got my attention. Not like the over-the-top Gary Halbert Headline writing we were taught.

Why There Were No OTHER Bidders But Me

There were ZERO bidders for 3 Reasons:

A - UGLY - The ½ page of copy was Ugly. All in a pile. Very hard to read.

B - BOLD - Since the entire paragraph was in BOLD print. It was even more difficult to read.

C - DEAD - The paragraph didn't really say anything. Just this:

#1 - The seller had bought this typed Writing Course.

#2 - The writing course was pages in a notebook.

#3 - The seller hadn't read it or used it but the author guaranteed results. Cuz it had been tested for years on his reluctant-to-write students and it worked.

#4 - Lastly - rather than throw it out. The seller had decided to sell it for what he could get.

What an inspiring sales letter!

THAT's why no bidders.

So I got it for 14.00 plus S & H.

How I Almost Didn't Read The Beat-Up Binder with the Wrinkled, Dirty-Looking Pages


By the time it arrive I'd forgotten I'd bought it. PLUS it wasn't exactly neatly packed. It came in a old tattered computer paper cardboard box. And the 3-ring binder was wedged in sideways. What my grandfather would call Cattywhumpus sideways.

No headline or title on the Binder either.

Why It Seemed TOO Simple to Work

One night while bagging up trash... I started to toss this banged up. Scuffed binder in with the rest of the junk. I Opened it - first - to see what was inside.

Ha. It was run off onto the paper by some kind of school mimeograph machine. And the print on the paper wasn't exactly straight. "OH brother" - I remember thinking. "What a mess."

I read back to front. Meaning I always start at the END of a book. Then flip to the table of contents. Then dip into the middle.

The author was saying crazy stuff. Totally opposite to the way I was writing at the time. NIGHT and DAY different from what schools and books on writing said to do.

You wanna' know a couple of his SILLY-sounding claims?


The author said, "You'll NEVER have writers' Block again. Everything you write will flow out of you like water over a dam."

He Also said, "Your 1st draft will ALWAYS be your best and Only draft - using this writing method. Except for small spelling and other changes."

THIS one was a lu lu - "Empty your mind. Don't think. Just write as fast as you can about the topic you've chosen."

(EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds NUTS, right? Well. I'm here to tell you. NOW - I never get writers block, I never rewrite and I don't do any agonized thinking as I write. The words flow onto the page. Very cool way to write copy.)

I remember this vividly. (Maybe because the ODDball ideas changed my life.) When I read these GOOF-BALL claims - I rolled my eyes. Almost chucked the beat up old binder in the trash. But ONE sentence stopped me. The author had a SLAM-DUNK method for the reader to prove or disprove his claims.

The only way to learn if his way of writing would work for you.

The author asked readers to TEST out his Speed Writing method.

The author explained that entire classes full of his students were Unbelievers too. And he had to PROVE his writing system worked. Before they started using it. Getting better grades in all their classes.


I believe TESTING and making mistakes is the ONLY way to succeed at anything. So I started the book again. From the front this time. 1st I skimmed Chapter I & II.

Learned how he was frustrated that so few of his English class students could write. Many of them hated to read too. How he began to scour the library for other ways to teach writing. But didn't find any.

So he started to test writing ideas in class. Whatever worked - he kept. Wrote it down. 99% of what he tried didn't work and he discarded it. It took years. But soon he had a success system that allowed ANY student to write well. Instantly. With no practice at all.

I did his first little exercise in a harum-scarum way. In my head.

Son of a gun. It was pretty easy. Made sense too - when I thought about it.

His 2nd excercise - I did on paper. I got paper and pen. Sat down on the floor of the dining room at 12 midnight. Set an egg timer to 5 minutes. Started writing.

WOW. I loved writing this way.

I sat there amazed. Read the rest of the book. Have never looked at it again. But his simple Quick-Copywriting System. Tested on 1000's of rowdy - reluctant-to-write students - is MINE now. Adapted and tweaked into a memorized mental Template. A writing shortcut I use over and over. And as you know - memories do change and shift. I've no-doubt moved his original ideas around in my brain. It has been 10 years.

Which is good for you.

Because the kind of Bill Myers -ish copywriting for profit we do is NOT school work. Writing for sale to fiction, non-fiction editors. Or Trade magazines or Newspapers. Or creating NEW information products to sell to niche buyers. This is WAY different than the original writing for students course. (The goals have shifted big time.)

Just wanted to let you know:

A - I've revamped, mixed, molded, combined lots of other mentor-ideas - like Ted Nicholas, adapted and remodeled the Unknown teachers method - away from public school student use. And TOWARD entrepreneur use for quick, low cost, Instant profits.

B - You'll find the basic ideas combined with ideas from 8 or 10 marketing gurus. Brian Tracy for example.

How We Began To Test The SPEED WRITING System on Ebay

You may have read enough of my product information and Big Red Nose Club ezines to know some of this. But not all of it.

While networking with some sales guys - One kept bragging. One of his brags was about how much money he was making on Ebay. Selling some sales audiotapes. A friend forwarded a link to the guys auction.

The sales letter looked bad. (But I have to admit he had the psychology down pat.)

Somehow the gauntlet was laid down.

Beat this.

It looked easy. The man's auctions were a mess.

I -- 6 days were spent reading everything Ebay taught on-line about "How To Sell with Their Auction System." (I've never gotten around to reading any Ebay auction books. Mainly cuz very few people sell info on Ebay. The books don't seem to be of much help.)

II - Plus I studied the niches I was working and playing around in. And found that in the marketing and NLP niches. A WIDE range of good and goofy information was at auction. People were selling Dr. Milton Erickson textbooks and tapes. How to date go go dancers and seduce strippers. How to stop eating candy bars and ice cream. Self improvement programs like the Sedona Method. And books and tapes by Napoleon Hill.

III - In my niche areas - audiotapes were selling more often and at higher prices than E-books and videos. So - I decided to focus there. I SPEED WRITE it. Then talk it onto tape.

IV - I remembered my experience helping Bryan Redfield sell his dating tapes and books. We'd get 100's of calls from people whose books had been stolen. "Bartenders Guide on How To Pick Up Women" - is a hot, hot hypnotic title.

So I got Bryan's ok to sell a few books. Adding audiotapes to bump the price. And sold a few at $99. Paying Bryan for each book.

A week or two of this and I started thinking. Hmmmm. Why pay Bryan for his book? Why not create an entire audio program.

Bryan had proved that both men and women were fascinated by the Unusual - little-known - common-sense Flirting and DATING aspects of his books and tapes. (Bryan has 1 of the only books I've seen that contains "How-To-Info" from 100's of successful women and men daters.)

Since The NLP Psychology of Flirting & Sales Are The Same I Combined them Into one Info Product.

"Bartenders Guide on How To Make Women JUMP V1" - a best seller from the word GO.

It sold well for 3 basic reasons - I believe:

Reason I - You get a 365 day no risk money back guarantee.

Reason II - You folks who could NEVER before get this NLP stuff to work for you. GOT Instant SUCCESS. And PROOF. In an Entertaining way. All done invisibly - without fear of being caught. You Practice in stores and restaurants. You Get waiters and waitresses to RUN and fetch things. Then you get your husbands and wives and gal and boy friends to RACE to take out the trash or bring you a beer.

Reason III - You guys and gals who sell Learn (On a FUN practice field - FLIRTING) how to use the EXACT same strategy with clients and prospects. To get them to RUN and buy more products and services from you.

The SPEED WRITING System - allows me to write the offer in one sitting. Write and read - LOCK and LOAD and create the audiotapes FAST. No fuss. No muss.

Why The SPEED WRITING System is NOT Good For Some Kinds of Writing.

FOR EXAMPLE - Emotional, NLP psychological copywriting doesn't lend itself to speed.

For fellow entrepreneurs facing HUGE competitors... Sometimes I'll DESTROY all competition with a 2 - step instead of one-step advertisement offer. It's a 2 step AD and "Free Report that can be tested as a 24/7 Recorded message.

An attorney - entrepreneur client (Yeah - I know. Not too many of these.) Reports making $4000 from his 1st caller on an ad we wrote - for example:

The lady told my client WHY she called him instead of a better known, bigger competitor.

I - NLP worded Warnings in our Report - about what to listen and look for in GIANT companies that treat prospects like #'s - instead of people.

II - This is diabolical. But... We actually give prospects Questions to ask competing companies - that make these competitors LOOK STUPID. Or that we know they cannot answer. Because big companies have IGNORANT flunkies on the phone.

But except for these SURGICAL - Take-No-Prisoners 2 or 3 step Psychological Copywritten WEAPONS - you will find "SPEED WRITING" seems to work wonderfully well on everything else. It works like a charm for me.

Why SPEED WRITING is Perfect for On-Line Sales Letters, E-Products, Short-Deadline Client Copywriting And QUICK-CASH Entrepreneurial Projects



FIRST - You have a BIG advantage if you can test ideas FAST. Quite a few 200 million dollar mentors have told us, "My secret is testing fast, cheap and smart 10, 15, 20 times - until I find a HOME RUN offer. Then I roll out to everybody I can find."

SECOND - The pace of change (And rip-off competitors) is getting FIERCE. So you gotta' hit the moving target. The quickly closing window of opportunity is getting smaller. The Faster you write an offer. And sell a product. The MORE time you have to profit BEFORE the Trend is at an end. Or before your idea gets STOLEN.

THIRD - It's been proven that 99% of ideas don't get implemented. Those that DO get done happen in the first 24 to 48 hours AFTER inspiration strikes. Things do NOT look good for any slow-poke who takes 2, 3 or more days to get his sales letter and product done.

QUESTION for you. Who do YOU think will have the BIGGEST advantage? Someone doing SNAIL like traditional copywriting. Or a savvy entrepreneur using SPEED WRITING?

EZ answer.

Remember: We are SO SURE this SPEED WRITING System will work for you too - that you get a 365 day no risk 100% money back guarantee. All we ask is that you show us a work-sheet or something showing you TESTED the system. A 5 year old has school writing projects in mind. So I'm sure you will have great fun with this.



CHAPTER I - How Our School System Has Destroyed our Natural Ability To Write As Easily as We Talk.

Four EZ Exercises PROVE this. RELAX. You can do them in your mind. Smile. Laugh. Shake your head - "YUP it works by GUM." Then quickly move to Ch II.

CHAPTER II - PROOF Your Writing Ability Has Been Damaged.

A - Make a list of 5 things you know a LOT about. Washing your face. Brushing your teeth. Washing your car. Driving to work. Washing dishes. Mailing a letter. EZ stuff.

B - Do Exercise #1 - Write it down.

C - Do Exercise #2 - Speak it out loud.

It's NOT EZ - is it?

CHAPTER III - NOW. Take your same list of 5 things.

A - FAST WRITING Greased Pig Version:

#1 - Exercise I - "Prepare" to write it down. Then "write it."

#2 - Exercise II - Prepare to say it out loud. Then "Say it."

AMAZING difference - isn't there?

Exciting even.

CHAPTER IV - WOW. How can it be this EZ and nobody told us?

I dunno.


WAIT. It gets better. You are in for a BIG surprise. Now we get to the FAST part of "SPEED WRITING."

It's Stare-You-In-The-Face-Obvious AFTER you actually DO it. But it seems crazy the 1st time you test the SPEEDY idea out.

A - SPEED WRITING Exercise: Go back to your list of 5 things. Pick one.

#1 - Take out a blank piece of lined paper (if you are testing this in long hand.) Or turn your computer on and open a blank screen or page.

#2 - Write down the topic you want to write about.

#3 - "Prepare" to write about the topic.

#4 - Write or Type (USING our Speed Writing Directions) in a very, very, EZ, Fun, yet goofy, child-like, weird, crazy HI-Profit way... (You won't believe the benefits of doing this - folks.)

Benefit I - You will Instantly Improve the quality of your writing. (No Extra Effort.)

Benefit II - You will Avoid writers-Block forever. (Never again will you face a blank page.)

Benefit III - You will Suddenly find yourself writing sales letters in ONE sitting. Galloping easily thru copywriting projects that used to take days or weeks. Or never get done.


EDITOR'S NOTE: You know I couldn't have SPEED WRITTEN then audiotaped more than TWO dozen profitable Audio Programs by ACCIDENT. Audio, video, E-book or Report. You can do it too. Start with a single E-Report. Or a single tape or CD.

You literally cannot fail. Like gravity is a "sure thing." Your "SPEED WRITING" success is guaranteed. Do your 3 steps - BOOM your writing is as good as done. And done well. It's like a cannonball leaving the gun - your project explodes or shoots out of you. Simple as that. THAT is how come we can afford to Guarantee this will work for you.


CHAPTER V - Let's get Specific. Put our writing shoulders to the wheel. And write something. This is where you put all you learned in Chapter 1 thru 4 to work.

First - You will see the SPEED WRITING version of this sales letter. You may find it a good model for YOUR shorter E-Booklets, White Papers, Reports and writing projects.

Second - You get a copy of the SPEED WRITING Outline for the 5 Chapter E-book. The E-product. In this way you have a Template you can use for your OWN sales letters And E-Books.

Third - You will get a copy of the SPEED WRITING outline for a bigger more complicated sales letter. The SPEED WRITING Outline for a much longer and Brand NEW Copywriting Course. No mistakes or errors. You see Exactly how the SPEED WRITING System works on longer more complex writing sales letters.

WIN the auction for this 1-of-a-kind - 365 day No Risk money back Guaranteed - "SPEED COPYWRITING System" - and you get these ways to GRAB your E-Booklet:

Way I - You can down-load it via _________

Way II - You can use the secret password - to read the information. Or down-load it from our website.

Thank you.


P.S. - YOU too can make some Extra Money. Just write up information about things people are passionate about. Things they do every day. Stuff they BUY every day...

You can write Special Reports - Fast, EZ, clear and to the point. With very little effort. Here are some examples of niches that are EZ to sell to.

I've been doing some research for an art Gallery owner.

Old Disney Cartoon cells are selling at auction for a bundle. There are a whole bunch of nlp and hypnosis seduction programs for sale too.

We were talking about her painting some of the best selling acrylic pictures we see selling for 1000's.

4 foot wide Horse racing sold for 17K.

Texas Hold 'em Poker for a couple of thou. A pretty girl next to a red Mustang - 5K. Makes you wish you could paint.

My favorite is the girl in the low cut dress, tattoo on one arm, leaning over the pool table. The guy next to her has a cigar in one hand. A glass of sour mash in the other. He's really layering it on, huh?

I - You've heard of TV info-mercial gadget man Ron Popeil. (He must have sold a billion dollars of stuff in his 40 years on TV. He's there 24/7!) His cooking gadgets do MOST of the work for you... (His next one is a turkey fryer that uses almost ZERO oil.)

II - You may not know about a husband and wife team T. J. and Eileen Rohleder - who gross 50 million a year. They've been offering to put up a website FOR you. Sell 100's of items FOR you. You do nothing. They do all the work. You get a check.

Lots of people get pulled into MLM and network marketing companies this way. Cell Tech and other companies have great products. But people tend to think that someone In their up-line or down-line will do all their work. (Sometimes lightening strikes and it DOES happen that way too.)

III - You've seen Ted Nicholas (200 million man) sell books full of forms - that save you from paying an attorney. The forms SAVE you from doing the work yourself.

IV - Even the names of companies are changing to reflect this "Do it FOR You" trend. Magic Chef's of all kinds are all over TV. Pampered Chef products are selling like crazy on-line.

V - Smart toasters and food processors now tell time, play music, shut off to prevent burnt food.

Oho. Here's a good one. A new cell phone with a big screen allows Japanese train riders to read books. Written as serials. You may not remember the old western movies. Each ended in a cliff-hanger. Just as tom Mix and his horse got to a cliff - the words "Stay tuned for the NEXT exciting episode. Find out whether Tom and his horse went over the cliff and were smashed. Or were rescued in the NICK of time." So people would come back to see the next episode. The SMART phones are changing the way books for men, women - romance novels and manga are written.

The "Do IT FOR The Buyer" Trend Is Obvious

Ok. You ask, "What's a good thing for me to sell?"

It depends on what you KNOW about and like. For example... Here on Ebay there are 100's of lists being sold about the ipod. That rascal Steve Jobs is selling his apple computer music storage machines like crazy. The things are in SUCH short supply. And there are so many colors and models. Sizes and shapes. That 100's of people are buying lists - in order to save themselves time and money.

Everybody EATS. Although some juicing fanatics DRINK their meals. I was just peeking at all the bread machines. Mixing and baking bread used to be done by hand. I even have a dough hook. I had to go back to elbow grease when I burnt up last 2 or three electric bread makers I got. Too much whole wheat, raisins and nuts.

The point is... IF You use a bread machine - you can collect and sell your favorite recipes. Or make a list of all the NEW shortcuts in the yeast and quick bread making fields. And I'll be your FIRST customer. I'll buy a copy just to keep UP with all the new gadgets!

Oh yeah. Labrador Retrievers and other dogs have owners that don't want to chase them. Have you seen those electric shock dog leashes? Flea fighting dog houses. Water bowls that fill automatically. Dog and cat litter boxes that get rid of the doo doo automatically.

Stay tuned to this auction. I'll plug in 5 or 10 other niches you can look at. When you find something you already KNOW a lot about. Or want to learn about. Something you Enjoy. You can write and sell Reports, white papers, Executive Summaries, E-books - to beat the band.

Thanks, Glenn