Jack Nicholson
His Mom

Jack Nickolson's Sister Was His Mother

Dear Friend,

People think what they SEE is The Truth.

Thus Marketing can Change what your customers Perceive as Reality.

For Example:

You drive by a Restaurant with a packed parking Lot. You think, "Wow. Must be Popular."
And go in for a meal.

But the owner has made a deal with a local car Dealership. To park cars in the Restaurant Lot. To Change what passing Drivers SEE.
And influence their buying decision.

Similar to what Jack Nickolson family did.

Pregnant out of Wed-lock - Jack's Mom was Sent "Away."

The family moved to a new town.

Neighbors saw Husband, Wife, Older Daughter and a young boy.
And young Jack was NEVER told his sister was actually his Mother.

Thus Escaping the "Hell" rained down by "Polite Society" on pregnant Women with no husband.

***Another Marketing Example About PERCEPTION.

The Father of Advertising - Claude Hopkins - was Hired by the largest Cattle Slaughter Operation in The USA to sell "Coto-suet".

Beef Fat.

Claude and a Team, including a Chef, Went from City to City Building GIANT CAKES.

Claude competed the Two Biggest Retail Store owners in each city VS each other. Who would get Chosen to Host "The BIG CAKE" which had created long lines in other cities.

Picture this.

Before The Internet.

Before TV

Before you could Rent a Mailing list.

I - Kids ran around down-town handing out fliers promoting THE BIG CAKE. Biggest cake in the world being built in the front window
at "Marshal Fields" Store.

II - Crowds gathered to get FREE CAKE Samples.

III - Prizes Were offered to people who Handed in their GUESSES for Cake Weight. Width and height of the Cake.

IV - For Each Guess to WIN a Valuable Prize - You had to buy a Pail of Coto-suet.

Crowds Were Told.

"IF Coto-suet was used to bake the Biggest Cake EVER.

"IF Coto-suet was Advertised by a #1 Store Like Marshal Fields

"THEN Your Family should cook and Bake with "Coto-Suet" too.


Coto-suet was Beef Fat that was Previously Worthless. And Thrown away.

***A 3rd Example.

We are Cooking too.

Not a Giant Cake. But a Brand New Website.

Website Background is the Giant Pink Teddy Bear a Client Bought us as a Thank You.

Plus 49 "Celebrity Reports" like this one.

Like The FREE CAKE Promotion.

You Get The Celeb Stories and 6 and 7 figure (Proven/Tested) sales Ideas For Free.


Tests Show that "Celeb Articles" get TEN TIMES More Clicks, Views and Reader Thumbs up
than anything else written at Alignable, Medium and other Forums in Every Industry Niche we have tried out for clients.