Jerry Rice, 8 Hr BrickLaying, 2 Hr Football, 5 Miles Home

Dear Friend,

#1 Receiver of all time, Jerry Rice was 1 of 6 kids.

Jerry said his brother would throw 2 bricks at a time up to Jerry. Who would Catch Them. And pile them up for his Dad to cement into the wall.

Jerry figures 8 hours of catching bricks a day is why he is so good at catching the football. If you look at the highlights on Youtube a lot of Jerry's catches were one handed.

Jerry applied the Long Day - work Ethic to football in College.

Persuaded his QB to throw Extra Passes - before, after And on Days off of Football Practice.

Growing up I used to Watch Johnny Unitas and Raymond Berry. Read that they did something similar. Which explained how the Baltimore Colts could march down the field with one minute to play.

And Score.

Over and over. As Raymond Berry would catch the ball on the side lines repeatedly.

YOU ASK, "How much of an Advantage did Jerry Rice Have over other Players?

Especially late in the game? When competitors were tired out?

Interviews with Jerry's team mates. All said they Refused to Train with Rice. Especially never Run with him. Instead of running on a flat track. Or inside on a Health Club running Track.

Jerry would Find a steep hill. Small mountain. Wherever they were Practicing. Run up the steep slope over and over.


========== You Can Apply The Jerry Rice Method to Your Job, Business or Side Gig

Explore Industries outside your Niche.

BrickLaying Does not appear to have any Advantages for Football, right?


Turns out Most Biz owners Do Not Go outside their industry for Sales And Marketing And Other Skills. So If You READ outside your industry. Or Start new Hobbies - You can Beat Your Competition.

For Example:

I Bake Bread And Muffins.

At a Free Workshop for a client - we Taped a 3 by 10 card under a couple 100 chairs. Then From the Podium offered a Free Muffin Raffle Drawing.

Fill out your name and contact info. (You get 12 Chances to Win a 1.2 Million Dollar Home Made Muffin)

Toss all 3 by 5 Cards in a Fish Tank - Twelve people would WIN a Muffin. And Everybody could Get a Copy of the Recipe at the back Table. The Same Recipe we used to sell 1.2 Million dollars of Seminar Seats.

A - We got names to add to our Client list.

B - Everybody in the Audience came to the back table to get the Recipe. (Which they could SMELL. Because we baked a dozen Muffins Right there.)

C - We made an Offer at the Back Table. So the Raffle and The Muffin Recipe got everybody Where we wanted them to go.

Thanks, Glenn