How To Meet Women w/Out Doing Anything

ATTN: The Most Powerful "FORCE OBJECT" We Have Ever Discovered. The Reason. These 2 Words Are an EMOTION ENERGY TRIGGER. And Explode The Emotion Women Have ALREADY Tattooed onto their Skin.



  • 3 Ways To Meet
  • Women w/Out
  • Doing Anything
  • Dear Friend,

    Thanks for PEEKING at The Energy Link PHOTO at the Top of This Letter.

    Why Did I Staple it up there?

    3 REASONS:

    REASON #1 - You Are Smiling and Curious, Right?

    REASON #2 - You May Not Be READY to Play with This Idea Yet. But YOU SHOULD KNOW This is The Most Powerful Emotion Bomb Trigger We've Ever Found - While Testing Ideas from Our "Billionaire Watching Club."

    Point at Your Hat. Point at her Tattoo. SHE TALKS and TALKS. Spills Emotions and Fantasies.

    47% of Women Under 40 Have a Tattoo!


    But TRUE.



    Every FORCE OBJECT We Share Here Can Be Used From Your Phone or Home Computer to FORCE Folks to Open Your Text, Email or Post.


    How to Create NICHED "Force-Objects."

    JUST SUPPOSE You Find A "Pet Owner" on FaceBook?


    Here is a FORCE OBJECT You can Use From HOME to Get People to Read What You Write.

    When I Want a Pet Owner to OPEN My Email - The Subject Line Says, "CatHouse-GreenHouse-Money-Maker."

    AND we Just Emailed And Then Spoke to a Guy with a Bulldog. I could Hear him (THE DOG) breathing. Their Smashed in Face Makes Breathing Noisy.

    Home Niche Subject Line

    "GreenHouse/CatHouse-Money-Maker." Becomes the Headline.

    Just sent this to a Home owner on "Neighborhood" who was Complaining about his HIGH Electric Bill. And he wants to Chat.

    (EDITORS NOTE - The "LeanTo GreenHouse" Cuts My Heat Bill.)

    When I Want a fellow Gardener to OPEN My Email or CLICK on my FORUM POST. I Flip it.


    My Post attracted the OWNER of a Gardening Forum. And Got My Gardening Article FEATURED at the top of this Website.


    Definition of A FORCE OBJECT.


    (A "Force Object" is an object that has a Hypnotic Effect all By Itself. Whether In REAL LIFE or A Photo. Named after the Scene in "Star Wars".

    Remember Where Obi-Wan Bamboozles the Storm-Trooper? abd Says, "The Power of THE FORCE can Have a powerful Effect on the Mind.)

    Yup. So When Combined with Extra Energy Questions from our "Billionaire Watching Club" All 3 FORCE OBJECTS Make Great Energy Triggers AND Links.

    Thus You can Boost The Energy of your Prospects During a Sale.

    THE LAZY Way To Meet Women.

    A FUN Side Effect is Women Come Running.

    Without YOU doing Anything.

    Without YOU Saying A Word..

    With no Fancy Body Language either.


    A POEM

    Women - "Young and Old,

    Ladies - "Shy and Bold,

    Girls - "Never Act Cold,

    Guys - "It's Like You Are Giving Away Gold.

    (EDITORS NOTE - And, of Course. You Can Take a PIC of Each of the 3 FORCE OBJECTS. Send the Photo to Women You Know. And They Will WANT to Meet You. See The Force Object IN PERSON.)


    And FACE TO FACE - You will Experience the following.

    ***"EXCUSE me Sir, "I Was Outside and Saw _________. Where Can I get that?

    ***Pointing behind her a Waitress Says, "My Friend is Shy. But could She Get one of Those __________?

    ***Guy coming into the Sports Bar from Downstairs in The Billiard room. "Wow. Look at all the food. I'm coming up here to eat after this."

    (A Client and I Had Food Piled High on our Plates. One of the side Effects of Tipping The Waiter or Waitress or Barmaid with the same __________ Item -


    The Drunk Guy at the Bar Was "Explaining" the Football Game to me.

    And Drunk #2 Was Trying to GRAB the Fast-on-Her-Feet Barmaid - who ran back and forth with our food.

    And a Blond Lady at the Bar Told us about her Hysterectomy.

    And Total Strangers Sat Down Nearby And JUST STARTED Chatting with us Like Old Friends.

    (EDITORS NOTE - (Each FORCE OBJECT is Less than 1.00 each. Totally up to You If You TALK to all these Folks.)

    But This Letter - RIGHT HERE - is About 3 Pocket size FORCE OBJECTS Which Get Girls to Come from OUTSIDE a Restaurant or Bar. Or Walk Up to You In Any Line at Wal-Mart of Food Mart. And Run up to You..

    Girls Come Out of the Kitchen..

    Women POP out of Nowhere LIKE WABBITS. Walking over to Your Table.



    YOUR - Double Your Moolah Back - Better Than Risk Free 365 Day GUARANTEE -

    IF You Don't Get MORE ATTENTION from Women Than You Do Now - When You SIT At a Table Surrounded by People. Or Stand in Line - Surrounded by people.

    When You SIT Or STAND Quietly - Displaying The FORCE OBJECTS - I will Give You DOUBLE Your Moolah Back.

    I can't Guarantee What Happens FROM HOME. Because a Client WORE one of these 3 FORCE OBJECTS in his DATING SITE PHOTO. At First he got dozens of Emails from Women. Then They FROZE His Account.

    So I am Here to Coach You On What To Try from Home. But the ONLY THING I can 200% Guarantee is the Face to Face Stuff.

    Questions Email me at


    EDITORS NOTE - Just had a HORRIBLE THOUGHT. None of my VIP Testers or Myself have EVER Used all 3 of these FORCE OBJECTS at the same time. So DON'T DO THAT. WE ARE PLAYING AROUND with a Whole Lotta POWER - So Anything can happen.)



    Story #1 -Pretty Blonde From Outside The Sports Restaurant - Spots _________ thru the Glass Doors.

    Night Time.

    Mexican Restaurant.

    I Am Trying to Figure out what Vegetables are in the Huge pile of food on my plate.

    Sitting at a booth.

    Window on one side. Sidewalk. Parking Lot.

    Dining area with Tables and Chairs. Then beyond that is the Cash Register Behind that the kitchen.

    Pretty Blonde opens the outside door.

    Walks over to Our Table.




    Says "I was walking by and Saw ___________. How Does it Work? And Where Can I Buy one too?"

    And the other 2 Guys at the Table Looked on with ENVY.

    Story #2 - I am Eating at a Family Type Restaurant. My friend points and says, "Did you know there are 5 waitresses watching you eat?

    Drove up into Pennsylvania.

    Stopped at a New Restaurant. Empty parking Lot. 2 pm on a Monday.

    Chatting with a Neighbor.

    Asked our Waitress Questions about the Menu.

    While eating things got Quiet.

    I Figured NORMAL. Because there was only one other table in the Huge Family Restaurant with people in it besides us.

    My Guest Points over my shoulder.

    I Look.

    FIVE WAITRESSES are Gathered in a Circle Like Around a CAMP FIRE.

    Me "the Fire."

    All Young Women.

    I Wave At Them. They Start Talking.

    They told us All about themselves. The Restaurant. Their former Jobs. Where they had to Use Pepper spray on Their "Customers" if they worked past 10pm.

    Story #3 - Wife of Italian Restaurant owner asks, "Where Can I get _____________ for a party? And Brings me a Free Strawberry Shortcake desert.

    I am Allergic to Whatever they put into Beef. And Red tomatoes and White Potatoes (Nightshade) Give Me Joint pain.

    So I Order Side Dishes.

    You know those Tiny Little Dishes The Spinach, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, asparagas Come in? Well, What I Do is ASK PERMISSION to Tip the Waiter or Waitress. AND the cooks BEFORE I Order.



    And instead of tiny dishes I get Foot Wide PLATES full of Vegetables.

    MORE FOOD than my Guests who order Steak and a Beer.

    Even after you add up 4 or 5 bucks in LOTTO tickets for the cooks and same for the waitress. I still get more food and pay less than my Guests.

    WHICH Makes them ASK, "Can we eat lunch together again? I want to Take Notes."

    AND when Pretty Women Come over to Our Table.

    AND when the Owner - THANKS me for Tipping his cooks.

    AND the Wife Asks me, "Where Can I buy that FORCE OBJECT for a Party? And Plunks Down a Huge Chunk of Strawberry Shortcake.

    All my "Guests" start asking Questions.

    And Sometimes pay for my meal too.



    YOUR Special Report Begins with a WARNING.

    3 Ways To Meet Women w/Out Doing Anything



    The REASON WHY We PASTED Your DOUBLE GUARANTEE at the Top of this "Meet-Women without Doing or Saying Anything Report" is.


    IF You Combine Lotto Tipping The Waitress and The Cooks with These 3 FORCE OBJECTS.

    You DIVE into An UNKNOWN WORLD with Me.

    Where Millionaire Guests are Lunch ACT STUPID.

    LICK PLATES to Impress the Waitresses. (NOT)

    Women Kneel on The Floor at Your Table.

    Every Waiter and Waitress in The Joint LINES up at your Table.


    You Should be OK if You Simply Sit there. Or Stand there in Line. Without Doing ANYTHING More Than SHOWING OFF 1 Force Object. But when You ADD a FORCE OBJEC to The Lotto Ticket Tipping. You Have Just THROWN 4 More INVISIBLE Psycho Concepts (From our "Billionaire Watching Club Collection) onto The Pile. And CHAOS Usually Results.

    So PLEASE Be Careful.

    YOUR FORCE OBJECT ***1 - Of - A- Kind***Special Report CONTENTS....

    DIRECTIONS for (Meet Women - Do & Say Nothing)


    _____________ (Where to order for 1.00 or less)


    After The Pandemic You have to Act Differently.

    Instead of picking this FORCE OBJECT up by hand.

    You OPEN the Box.

    Show her how the FORCE OBJECT works. Switch it on and off.

    Let the Waiter or Waitress Pick a Sample up with her own Hands.

    FORCE OBJECT DIRECTIONS #2 - (Where to Order for 1.00 or less)


    Each of These FORCE OBJECTS comes wrapped in Plastic.

    So You can Turn it on and off thru The Plastic.

    Show the NEW Ones - You are not already using - OUT of the Plastic.


    (Where to Order for 1.00 or less each)

    LINK HERE - 

    A WARNING Goes with This FORCE OBJECT.

    Only Use it when sitting down.

    Each is Wrapped in a plastic Sleeve. And there is a Safety Tab to Remove.

    So before giving this item away.

    You should show how to Take out of Plastic. Turn on and off. Remove The Safety Tab.

    Thank You Reward BONUS -

    This FORCE OBJECT In Not 1.00 but 500.00

    LINK HERE -  

    Instead of Attracting one or Two People at a time at Any Restaurant, Fast food or Sports Bar.

    You Attract a Crowd.

    And I Banked More than The 500.00 Cost of This FORCE OBJECT in the First Year After Purchase.

    YOUR CHOICE If You Want to Make Extra CASH with it.

    Or Simply Attract Pretty Women.

    SURPRISE BONUS Thank You REWARD is only 37.00

    And we have Used this FORCE OBJECT to make Extra Moolah too.