Pamela Anderson
Paid 250K Debt
w/ Sexual Favors

Dear Friend,

Thanks to A Visit to The "Ellen" Show I Won't Get Sued for Libel.


Cuz Pamela Told Ellen, "I Lost 250K at Poker."

"Paid The Guy With Sexual Favors."

"I Liked it."

"So We Are Now Dating."


is a



I - Discovered - Pam Married And Divorced The Guy. He Had a Huge Cocaine Addiction.

II - Poker Website. A Guy who Lost 1 Million in an Illegal Poker Game to The Same Bozo. Reported A Visit to His Home. On-Going Orgy. Hot Women Praising Mr Clown's Huge "Equipment" Size.

III - Pam Was The 3rd Celeb Actress This Rascal Married.

MAYBE a Poker Game isn't a Good Place to Husband Hunt?

Why Tell You This Goofy Celeb Story?

Because We Have Tested a Guaranteed Way to Get Women To FALL IN LUV with You - With Your Clothes On.

PLUS - Tests Showed Us How to ADAPT The Idea So Lunch GUESTS Insist On Paying You Moolah.



The New "LUV - BOMB - WORDS."

We Combined Info From 3 Sources Then TESTED.

a - Obviously Pam Got Over-Stimulated By Mr Poker.

b - Ted Talk By United Nations official VS Sex Trafficing

c - Ted Talk by Pretty Blonde LUV BOMBED and Pimped by Her Uncle

d - 27 Self Made Billionaires in Our "Billionaire Watching Club" ALL using "LUV-BOMB-COPYWRITING."

e - CIA-SAM, My spy Inside The Billionaire owned "Platinum Club" Reports The Same Totally NEW ***LUV-BOMB-WORDS***

So What IS "Luv-Bombing?*

DEFINITION - "Using Words to Overstimulate Women Sexually to Create a Powerful Drug-Like-LUV Addiction."

What Got My Attention?

The 27 Self Made Billionaires ALL using The Exact Same LUV-BOMB Technique to Create REPEAT-Addictive Buying.


(EDITORS NOTE - We Test At Restaurants Because We Are Lazy. Like Mr Billionaire, Paul Meyer, Who Finds New Employees for his 31 Companies on Airplanes. Reading Self Improvement books. "...Because They Can't Run Away.")


New LUV-BOMB Case Study Using Just One

Of The New *Drug-Word-Questions*

"What do You LUV MOST about the Idea of Winning 100 Million in The Lottery?"


#1 - I Asked, "Is it ok to Tip You Before You Bring Food?

#2 - I held up 1.00 bill & a LOTTO Ticket. "Ok. Which one do You Want as a Tip?

#3 - When Amelia Chose the LOTTO ticket I asked the NEW LUV-BOMB Question, ""What do You LUV MOST about the Idea of Winning 100 Million in The Lottery?"

#4 - Imitating The Bucket of moolah The Platinum Club Dumps on Each 100K Members Table. I Fan out 10 $1.00 bills and a Few Lotto tickets - Middle of Lunch Table.

#5 - Amelia Brought menu's for myself and a Client. (She Cosse a LOTTO ticket)

#6 - Ameila Brought my Soup. (She chose The LOTTO ticket Over The LED Light I Held Up.

#7 - Amelia Refilled my Water Glass. I asked, "Do You Want the Lotto Ticket or 3 Dark Chocolate Kisses?" She Chose The Kisses.

#8 - Amelia Brought a Huge plate of Fries, Big Plate of Broccoli And Large plate of Onion rings. (Not those tiny "Sides Dishes.")

I Held up a Red Rose And a LOTTO Ticket.

"Which do You want this time?

Amelia Chose The RED ROSE.

(Where to Buy Red Paper Napkins.

(Youtube Directions on How to Make a Rose out of a Paper Napkin -


While Our Waitress Was Admiring Her RED ROSE A Pretty Blonde at a Nearby Table Came over.

Knelt on The Floor at my feet.

Said, "Would You Make Me a Red Rose too?"

***Bill My Client - Insisted on Paying for My Lunch.

***Bill Asked to Join Me For Lumch Again - "So I Can Take Notes."

***Bill Paid me 1000 Bucks (Using his Phone at Paypal) for my "ENCHANTED WORDS" audio Program. And Bought my New "Make 10X Your Moolah Back or It's Free" E-Program.