Penny Marshal
Burglar Asked for

Penny Marshal Burglar Asked for Autograph- Glenn

Dear Friend,

Thanks to a Warped Celeb Burglary we have a NEW TAKE on How to Create RAPPORT.

Rapport/Trust Has To Happen Before People will Hand You Their Moolah.

Actor/Director Penny Marshal (Laverne & Shirly) Woke up in Bed.

Burglars in her house.

INSTANTLY Recognizing her they apologized.

2 Ran off.

1 Stayed to Get Her Autograph.

THIS KIND of Instant CELEB Recognition

Created a Kind of MAGICAL RAPPORT.




Free Lunch.

We have 6 Clients making an Extra 6 Figures. Simply by Inviting Clients and Prospects to LUNCH.

I - Each Guest INSISTS on Buying them Lunch.

II - ASKS to Dine With them again.

III - Pays to Learn how to Close Sales in The Same Way

IV - Buys the Next Widget or Program my Client is offering.

#1 - Mexican Realtor is Now #5 at his Brokerage

#2 - Pre-Paid Legal MLM - Jewish Part time lady

#3 - Home Security Sales - Black 21 Yr Old Gal

#4 - Health Insurance Sales to Nursing Homes - Wasp

#5 - Home Water Purification Systems - Asian Soldier

#6 - Chiropractor - Who Sells Dr To Dr. - German Rascal


CASE STUDY - You Can PRACTICE. (The One Page Sales Close Page Is Missing. That Requires a Phone Interview.)

(Real Estate Investor is Now in The Top 10 at His Brokerage)

a - Real Estate Investor Meets A Prospect for Lunch.

b - Man Prospect is a Former Nurse

c - Clyde Asks Waitress, "Is it ok if I start Tipping You Before The Meal

d - Clyde Piles a Stack of 1.00 bills and Lotto Tickets in middle of Restaurant Table.

e - Waitress chooses Lotto Ticket. Hands out menu.

f - Waitress Brings Water - Chooses Lotto Ticket Instead of Paper Rose (

g - Waitress Brings Clydes Soup. Get to choose btwn LOTTO Ticket and a Tiny LED Key chain Lite. (Chooses LED)

h - Waitress Brings Salad - Sara Chooses The 3 Dark Chocolate Kisses Instead of Lotto ticket.

i - Clydes Guest Orders a Burger and Fries and apple Pie. 26.95 Plus Tip.

j - Client Ordered Soup and Salad. But The Waitress Sara ENDLESSLY Refills his Soup. Keeps topping off his Salad.

Clyde Spends 8.00 for food. Plus 4.00 In Tips.

CHA-CHING - Clydes Nurse Guest INSISTS on Paying For Clyde.

CHA-CHING - Clydes Guest ASKS to Eat Lunch with Him again so he can TAKE NOTES.

CHA-CHING - Clyde Shows Him 1 Page We Write. Robert The Former Male Nurse Gives Clyde his Credit Card. Signs up for the 5000.00 Real Estate Program.




"Joan Crawford Marries 4 Times. Changes Color of Toilet Seat for Each Husband."

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