Fantasies Hit Like a Jeep

Roses are Blue,

_____ is blonde,

I Wrote You a Poem,

As a Thank You.

"Fantasies Hit Like a Jeep"

It's Been a While,

Sipping Tear-of-Crocodile,

Sitting By The Blue Nile,

Proceeding Single File,

It Now Feels Infantile.

Beep, Beep, Am I In Too Deep,

Get a New Broom,

Clean Out The Kingdom,

House Sweep The Creep.

After I took The Leap,

My Mind Became Free,

Just not controlled by Me,

Sometimes I Weep,

Or Fantasies Hit Like a Jeep.

To Escape Boredom,

Some Drink Rum,

But I Get High,

In Bed & Skip The DWI,

Cops Frown When You Fly.