Goldilocks & The 3 Guys


_____ Likes Red,

With White Candles In View,

I Wrote You a Poem,

To say, "Thank You."

Cuz Without You,

I Wouldn't Have a clue,

Guys aren't Wired to Recognize TS VooDoo.

"Goldilocks & The 3 Guys"

You Think, "Silly Me,

Sitting By The Blue Nile,

Caged But With Style,

I Resort to Fantasy,

To Set Myself Free.

Oooops, My Bone Deep Boredom,

Has Begun to Seep,

Outside My Castle Room,

Heart Beat, Drum, Oh Yum,

A Secret is Hard to Keep.

How To Escape my Cage,

Using Words on a Page,

Held Hostage,

By My Own Rage,

Shaking & Discouraged.

Makes You Wanna Cry,

When Your Caged Stage,

Is Invaded by a Guy,

Do I Have The Courage,

To Stir Vault-Words in My Porridge.

GoldiLocks & The 3 Bears Seems Dumb,

3 Men: One is Hum-Drum,

The Second is a Bum,

What if... A Man Makes Me Hum,

Comes Over to Me at The Stadium,

And Strum - That's a Big Raised Thumb.