Revenge War w/Electric Co Makes 49,700.00

  • The 4 Cheap Products That Help Me
  • Get Revenge on My Electric Company
  • Dear Friend,

    Thanks to Getting Beat up Repeatedly by my local Power Company - at my home - Out in The Boondocks of Maryland.




    I Declared WAR.

    Of Course, I Did Not Tell Them.

    Not ONE WORD about My 11 Years Experience As Assistant Director of Housing For a University - without a DIRECTOR of Housing.

    800 Janitors and Maintenance Men.

    24/7 Disaster, Mayhem, Vandalism, Terrorism And Ignorant Students.

    #1 - Xmas Vacation Phone Call - Campus Life sent a Letter to all students saying, "Turn Your Thermostat down to conserve." 10K kids Flicked their Stat to OFF. Below Freezing Temps. We have 1000's of Frozen Pipes.

    I said, "How do You Know?"

    ANSWER - "Water is running out from under Apartment Doors."

    #2 - The Water Main Broke Under The Street. 1200 Apartments with Old Style Water Boilers And Fin Tube Heat - NO HEAT.

    #3 - Student A - Put a Pizza in The Oven Broiler to Thaw. Student B - Put Her Pizza in The Oven at 425 Degrees. One End of The Apartment Complex BURNED Down in 20 Degree Temps.

    ***Some Apartments Had HEAT Pumps.

    ***Some Apts Had Gas Furnaces.

    ***I Told You About The 1200 Units with Gas Boilers that heated and Circulated Water around The Apartment.

    ***The Student Dorms All Had Heat Pumps.

    We Spent A Lot of Our 30 Million Budget Testing CHEAP Heaters

    AFTER ALL OF THIS HELL - Based on AC and Heat Disasters - I know a HECK OF A LOT about Alternate HVAC Methods.


    Mum's The Word.

    Keep this 1-of-a Kind Info JUST BTWN US.

    HERE is What Life In The Country Is Like:

    Big Wind Blows 3 Of my Neighbors Huge Pine Trees Down - on Top of My Phone and electric Line.

    The 3 STOOGES Show Up

    Quote - "We're Not supposed to be Working in This area. And We're out of some Parts. But We Got Your Electric Line Back up. Better Call Your Electrician Because We Used PLASTIC ZIP TIES."

    A Car hit a Pole. I lost electricity for a week. No Discount.

    Frequent Power Outages. Some Times - When The Power Comes Back on it Surges. FRIED my Fridge, AC, Computers and I had to Replace all my Appliances.

    Big Wind Blew A Tree over. No Power for a Week. AGAIN. Power Surge Damage. Had to Replace all House Appliances. And Pay an Electrician To Replace Damaged home wiring. And install a Safety Breaker. To Prevent this happening again.

    Repeatedly - Mistakes in my bill. Never in my favor. New Untrained Staffer says, "Oh. Your Bill Is 50% Higher cuz 1/2 from last month and 1/2 from this month." ME - "No, no. That's Not how it works. Called 5 More times until I got a Long Time Employee.

    Light on Pole out. (RIGHT NOW as I Write This It has been 7 Months.) I Call and Get on list. Get an Email saying, "Your request will be delayed 6 Months. An inspector found a tree Limb has to be cut first." HA! There is no Tree Near the light pole.

    New Home Electric Meter Installed. Retired UK soldier on YouTube Says, "We Used Low-Grade EMF in Belfast. Not as Strong as the New USA Electric Meters where I have consulted. The EMF Radiation changes Human DNA. Next generation no kids." (Had to Cover my Unit to Block EMF Radiation.)

    My website Got hacked. All "Experts" say To Put a Hold or "Freeze" on Your 3 Credit Card Company Accounts. So I Did. Then Get an Email from My Electric Company. Had to UNFREEZE. They said, "Becuz My Credit was Frozen I was now a Bad Risk. Demanded an Extra 350.00 to Be Kept in my account.


  • I Declared WAR.
  • A Quiet War.
  • BankRupt the Bastards.
  • Clients in California, Vegas, Toronto Report TIME OF DAY BILLING Changes. And A Surcharge if you have Solar Panels.



    GUARANTEED - Your Current Electric Bill WILL DOUBLE.

    And Your Friendly Local Electric Company - May PENALIZE You For Having solar Panels.


    FIRST - I looked into Solar Panels on my roof. Not Affordable way out in the Boondocks where I Live in MD.

    A - Because of my former Job - Running a Housing Department for a University I Have Experience. Testing all kinds of Small, Mobile - EZ to Use - Products - To save The University money.

    (800 Employees. 24/7 Heat/AC/Repairs and Cleaning up Floods at 1 am.)

    SUMMER RESULTS At Home - 140.00 a Month down to 31.00 a month in summer.

    WINTER RESULTS At Home - 200.00 a Month in 3 Coldest Months in Winter. (But I save 5000.00 every winter on Fuel oil and Electricity. I never Run My Furnace. Fuel Oil Bill is Zero)

    You Are NOT Paranoid if They Are REALLY Out To Get Your Moolah.

    YOU CONTROL The Little Changes That SAVE BIG.


    I - Replaced All My Fluorescent Light Bulbs with LED. (1/10 the cost to light The House)

    II - Bought cheap Convection-Heat Boards that Plug into Regular outlets. Heat The Rooms I Live in. (No Moving Parts - Cheaper than all Space Heaters with a fan)

    III - I Cook with Small oven, Small Hot Plate. (I Measure All This and Save 260.00 A Year. Quit using Full size stove and oven)

    IV - COOK With The SUN. I Tested 3 Solar ovens. Found a big one that cooks Full size meals Summer AND Winter - as long as there is sun.

    V - Use Washer Drier once a month. Found a "Laundry Wand"

    No longer use electricity to wash a couple shirts or pants at a time. I use The "Laundry Wand."

    Save a bunch of Dirty towels and stuff to wash all at once with Electric Washer.

    VERY Conservatively.

    Over the Past 12 Years - I have Pocketed Well over 50Grand

    And Have Kept UNDER THE RADAR.

    In Fact - My Electric Company sends me COMPLIMENTARY emails saying, "Congrats. Your power usage is 71% More Efficient than your Neighbors.

    Heh heh HA!




    Your 365 Day Guarantee,

    You Make 10X More Than The Fee,

    Or Its Free,

    When you take action...



    War w/Electric Co Makes 49K - Directions Booklet

    Thank You,

    PLEASE Keep a Pen And Paper Next to You as You Read This.


    I - You Will Be READY to Face The Future. (Our Billionaire Watching Club Has Discovered Sself Made Billionaires Take Action an Entire Year ahead of Culture Changes.)

    II - You Will TRIGGER New Ideas As You Read.

    III - You Will Find FUN Gifts and Client Rewards. So When You Phone a Prospect And Ask, "Did You Get the One Foot By One Foot LEGO Block I sent You? So Your Staff Can Build a Chair or a Table or a Wall? (You INSTANTLY Talk to THE BOSS.)

    IV - Any One of These Ideas - When Used at home or at Your Office will REPAY You Many Times the Cost.

    DO NOT READ THIS if You TRUST Your Electric Company, Baby Bell, Plumber or Electrician.

    An Affluent Friend with Homes in 3 Countries Told me This JOKE About TRUST.

    Trust Tattoo Joke

    I Shared some of The Crazy Tattoo Stories I am Getting From Wearing a Baseball Cap that says, "Tattoo MatchMaker."

    And Gabriel Told me this Joke.

    Man and Woman Talking.

    Man, "Do You read Chinese?"

    Woman - "No.."

    Man, "So What does Your Chinese Tattoo Say?

    Woman, "TRUST NO-ONE."

    Man, "So If You Can't Read Chinese. How Do You Know Your Tattoo Says, "TRUST-NO-ONE.?"

    Woman - Falls Silent.

    GOOD, Right?

    Appropriate too.

    Because What we Are Sharing Below is The Result of Years of PROOF that Your Cannot Trust Your Utility Company. Or Any Home Contractor.


    Let's Get Started.

    You might think Anybody Can Figure out how to Screw in a 1/10 as Expensive LED LightBulb.

    But I Guarantee We DO it Differently - Better Light yet Cheaper.

    I am At WAR.

    Plus Where I Live. We Lose our Electricity a LOT. The Road Was resurfaced. Speeding cars Knock Electric Cars over Every 6 Months. Plus Lots of Trees. So btwn The Drunk Drivers and The Fallen Trees. We Lose Power for Days and Weeks. AND often When The Temp is 100 Degrees OR 10 Degrees. So PICK and Choose the Ideas YOU Like. That Fit YOUR Situation.



    CHAPTER #1 - LED Bub Replacement

    A - Bathrooms - You Discover how to Use ONE LED Bulb instead of 4

    B - 3 Bulb Light Fixtures - How to Use 1 LED instead of 3.

    C - Wife, kids, Family who forget to Turn the lights off? Several Kinds of Motion Detector - Allow You To Turn each Light off. Or An Entire Room.

    D - LINK to The Exact LED Bulbs We Use.



    CHAPTER #2 - Even if You are NOT AT WAR. You Will Save Big with This Cheap SOLAR LAMP.

    A - A Friend living in a Trailer Lights His Entire Trailer with This Solar Light.

    B - I NEVER Turn The Electric Lights on In Living Room

    C - BackUp Lamp When The Solar Light Goes Dead. I Use a Camp Lantern (3 - D batteries) sitting on a book on the Back of my sofa to Light The Room While Reading.

    After 11 Years all my Solar Lights are STILL working. No moving Parts.

    D - Solar Lamp LINK -

    E - Best LED Lamp LINK -



    CHAPTER #3 - Tiny LED KeyChain Light

    A - I Switched outside Flood Lights off. Key Chain Lite is SO Bright I No Longer Carry a FlashLight. EZ to see Door Locks in The Dark.

    B - When Used as a Tip. Waitresses and Cashiers Choose This LED over a 1.00 Bill.

    C - I am At WAR. So I sometimes Put the Tiny LED Light in My Mouth. So I can use Both Hands. BETTER than a FlashLight. Or Phone Light.

    LINK to Order Cheapest But Good Quality LED Lites -



    CHAPTER #4 - I don't Use My Washer and Dryer Much AnyMore.

    A - I got a LAUNDRY WAND so When My Power is out for 7 days I can Still Wash Shirts, Underwear, Pants, Socks.

    B - At First I was Using My LAUNDRY WAND outside. Washing Clothes in Water that runs off the roof. Then Handing shirts and pants on a Rope on my porch.

    C - Then When My Power Was off for 8 Days. I Discovered I Could do Laundry in my Bathtub. 5 Gallon Bucket. 6 incges if Water. A Squirt of Soap. No Electricity needed. Let things Dry on Hangers Inside The Shower Curtain.

    D - My Washer and Dryer are VERY EXPENSIVE to Run. With only a few Shirts, pants, Socks to wash. SO - Except for bigger items Like Blankets, Coats, Sheets And beach Towels. Which do not fit into a 5 Gallon Bucket. I don't use my Electricity guzzling Washer and Dryer much.

    LINK to Laundry Wand -



    CHAPTER #5 - Best Cheap HOT PLATE - How I Save a BUNDLE While Cooking and Baking.

    A - Most Homes and Apartments have a 4 Burner Surface CookTop.

    B - I Found a DIRT CHEAP One Burner Hot Plate. Son of a Gun. 10.00 a Month Cheaper.

    C - 120.00 bucks a Year IN MY POCKET. Actually MORE than that. I am now Cooking Winter Squash in A Caste Iron Pot. Takes 90 Minutes For Each Half of a Giant Squash - with Honey drizzled on it. YUM.

    Same Squash in The Store 7.00 each. I have 30. (210.00) CHA-CHING

    D - Best (Low Cost to Cook) Hot Plate LINK

    (EDITORS NOTE - Took Me Hours and Hours to Find This. 99% of The other Hot Plates are Very Costly to Operate And Pricey to buy. Double Whammy.)



    CHAPTER #6 - Toaster Oven Instead of My Big Wall Oven.

    A - I Made a Mistake with My 1st Toaster oven. Too Darn Small. I Couldn't Get a pan of Muffins in there. And a Small Loaf of Bread - wouldn't fit either.

    B - Full size Ovens Are Only needed When You Cook a Turkey for Xmas or Thanks Giving.

    C - The Blasted Directions and Knobs on The BRAND Name Toaster ovens are a MESS too. The Nerd Designers Are IDIOTS. But I found an EZ to Understand Oven.

    D - Good Quality - Low Cost Toaster Oven LINK -



    CHAPTER #7 - SOLAR OVEN That Cooks Entire Meals For FREE. Using SunShine.

    A - 100's of Brands. Dozens of Testers on YouTube. Each is BRIBED to Choose a Different Oven.

    B - Like Goldilocks And The 3 Bears. And the Bowls of Porridge. But BACKWARDS. I Bought a 99.00 Small Solar Oven. LIKED it.

    C - But too Small Except for Hot Dogs.

    D - Medium Size Solar Oven - Quickest to Cook The food. But Wouldn't cook an entire meal. And Blew over in the Wind. I Like to Take a Solar oven With Me When I Split wood or Pull Weeds.

    E - LARGE Solar oven. Wow - Cut wood for 4 hours. Cook In The Grass Nearby. ALL You Can Eat. And Waitresses Are IMPRESSED when I Open The Mirror-Wings on a Restaurant Table top.

    F - Best SOLAR OVEN LINK -




    A - All Solar Ovens Have Cool Spots. I Explain How to Deal with The Cooler Area Near The Cook Tube Opening.

    B - Bright Sun or Partly Cloudy. I Always set a timer for 1 Hour.

    C - Then Based on The Cooked SMELL. And The Brown Color. And A Toothpick Test. You Know how Long to set a Timer to Check Again.

    D - NOBODY tells You. But The SUN MOVES. So THIS Solar Oven Has a Sun Dial. You Turn it Based on The Sun Dial - For Best Cooking Speed.

    E - YOUR ONE PAGE OF Solar Oven Directions.

    I - How I Test New Recipes in Cast Iron Pan.

    II - Best Do-It-Yourself Cook I Have Found on YouTube - To Borrow EZ And FAST Solar Oven Recipes from.

    III - What I Say to Waitresses At Restaurants BEFORE I Show off My Solar Oven. To Test The POWER of The New Post-Pandemic LUV-BOMB-Rapport.



    CHAPTER #9 - My Favorite Solar Oven Recipe "Tuna Fritters" - Adapted for "Chicken Fritters" and "Hamburger Fritters."

    A - Big Glass Bowl And a Big Spoon

    B - One Can of tuna Fish (One Egg is optional. Not needed for Solar oven.)

    C - Cheap Yellow Onions. (The White onions are tasteless)

    D - Handful of Ritz Crackers.

    E - Mix and Spoon into SOLAR OVEN.

    ***You Get The "Tuna Fritter" Exact Recipe And How to Adapt it for Chicken or Other kinds of Meat.



    CHAPTER #10 - Water Heater SHUT-OFF. (The Dang water Heater runs 24/7)

    A - I Turn My Water Heater Back on ONLY BEFORE I need Hot water. Like for a Shower.

    B - Found a Gadget I use to Turn it on and off From Up-Stairs.

    C - TV Remote type Gizmo.

    D - GIZMO to Turn Basement water Heater on and off From Up-Stairs LINK -



    CHAPTER #11 - Furnace SHUT OFF - Permanently . (I Have a SECRET Method that is Saving me Tens of Thousands)

    A - When Furnace Burns Fuel Oil in Winter. Cost me 100.00 a Month in Electricity

    B - Winter Fuel Oil Cost to Heat Entire House - 5000.00 + (100 Gallons of Fuel Oil is about 1000 bucks now.)

    C - FIRST SECRET No Moving Parts Heater - Just Plug in One or Two More Depending on Temp outside.

    D - SECOND SECRET - When Temp Drops Below 10 Degrees. I Have a Thermometer in all 3 Bathrooms. One Dirt Cheap Heater in Each Bathroom Keeps Pipes from Freezing.

    E - THIRD SECRET - Cheap Adult size Plastic (Lego-Like-Blocks) You Can Use to Build a Wall anywhere. EZ to Build. EZ to Tear Down. Ez to Move. I Blocked the Hallway to 4 Bedrooms and 2 Baths. Closed 2 Other Doors. ONLY Heat Living, Dining Room and The Kitchen.

    F - LINK to Dirt Cheap Heater -

    G - LINK to Cheap Thermostat -

    H - LINK to Big Plastic Lego-Blocks -



    CHAPTER #12 - AIR CONDITIONING Shut Off - (Discovered a 2nd SECRET that keeps me Cool all Summer.)

    A - I Adapted an Ancient Arab Cooling Method

    B - Result - I Do Not Run My Central Air Conditioning or any Window AC at All.

    C - I did have a Plumber who was here Replacing a Faucet - Add Freon to my outside AC Unit. But I Only Run it when The temp gets over 100 degrees.






    P.S. - WHEN YOU ORDER - You Will Get LINKS to all The Best Moolah Saving GADGETS. And My 3 FAVORITE Solar Oven Recipes.

    PLUS BONUS #1 - You get the LINK - I Found a NEW "Amazon Fire Tablet" - With NO Monthly fee. Internet, 2 Cameras. And a Detachable Keyboard. So I can Type Normally. Instead of Hunt and peck with 2 fingers.

    BONUS #2 - (I Bought 4 Great Rated But SUCKY Camp Stoves. FINALLY found The Best Twigs and Leaves Out-Door Tiny Cook Stove. No Power for a Week? Ice, Snow, Rain so no Sun. No Problem. Cook on This Little Doozy.

    BONUS #3 - The Gadget I Got to Handle TIME of DAY Billing. So My Fridge Runs at Night Not Day - when the Price is 2x to 3X Higher.