How to Stay Invisible
While Flirt Testing
LUV BOMB Tipping

Thanks for Asking for this NEW Invisible Influence Stuff.

First Off - What does "LUV BOMB" Mean.

In The Context of Several speakers for "TED TALKS" -

To LUV BOMB Means, "To overwhelm Women's Senses Sexually until She Becomes Addicted to You."

Is Your Mouth Hanging open?

ME TOO when I First Learned about this. And Discovered every sself made Billionaire I Study Using "LUV BOMB MARKETING."

After The Pandemic

I Used to Jiffy-Quick Test my Copywriting at Airports, Bus Terminals, The DMV.

Wherever I could Find a Crowd of people sitting down. Sit in the middle. Open a 3 Ring Binder - with 2 Different BOLD Headlines on Facing Pages.

And WAIT to Find out if the people sitting NEXT to me ASKED to read the article.
PRE-TESTING means I can (Still Do) Give Clients a 365 day 100% You will get Your Money Back Guarantee.


Cuz I already tested the offer - BEFORE We Snail mailed it, ran The Ad, Did The Radio Spot or sent it out as a Text Message to Prospects.

Post Pandemic.

So I Test While Waiting in Lines.


I Start with a Seminar Badge.

Write a Mis-Direction Headline in Magic Marker. Stick it to my Shirt. POINT to it.

Best Results are With People Who

Car Parts Counter
Whole foods Line
Office Depot
Home Depot
Line outside a IceCream Store

When I Find a Winner.
I Go on amazon and Buy a YELLOW Baseball Cap with The 2 Words on The Front in BLACK LETTERS.
A Couple Words SO POWERFUL they start a Conversation that HIDES The Real Copywriting Title,
Reason Why,
I am Testing.


Only 1 person out of 100 ASK what my Hat Means.


Every time I go out Shopping I Wear These 2 Words:


I Smile at a Woman or man in Line.
Point to my Hat.
Point at their Tattoo.

Say, "I Wear this Hat to REMIND ME to Ask about Tattoo's. 48% of People in The USA have a Tattoo..

And WHILE they are Telling me about Their FAVORITE TATTOO.

And Laughing and Giggling or CRYING - Because People Put Words and Pictures That are VERY IMPORTANT to them into their Tattoos.

I Can Say, "I'm Working on a Book Title. Which of These Headlines would YOU Tattoo on Your Body to Advertise my book? Maybe using Henna."

And they Laughingly Pick a Headline.

That is STEP I - of my Invisible LUV BOMB Testing Method.

STEP II - IF I am Writing to an Industry Niche.

Insurance Salespeople
Web Developers
People with Huge Mustaches
Sports Memorabilia Collectors

ALL OF THE ABOVE and 1000's More Hold Regular
Trade Shows. (Convention Centers.) And Continuing Education Programs. (Hotel Banquet Rooms.)

I Just Show Up.
WAlk around - wearing My "Tattoo MatchMaker" Hat.

And Say, "My Boss is Drinking Beer SomeWhere. I am out here asking for HELP. Before We Run an Ad in The _______ Trade Journal. WHICH headline do you Like Best?

Tennis Players - You Visit a public Tennis Court
Tennis Shoe Wearers - Visit a Nordstroms or "Footlocker" Shoe Store
Car and Truck Owners - (Visit a Dealership. Or Do it yourself Car Wash.)

ACTION STEPS to Make Moolah Yourself.

A - You Don't Wanna Wear The "Tattoo Matchmaker" Hat.

B - You Don't want to Surface (Like a Submarine) in the Middle of a Group of Realtors at a Trade Show. Or Plumbers. Or Beauty Parlor owners at a Hotel Event.

C - You Don't Want to Lotto Tip Women Drive Thru Cashiers or Waitresses - either.

D - You Want something You can TEXT from Your Phone or Email to Women to INVISIBLY PERSUADE them to Talk to You.


I Just Did a Marketing Project for the Owner of a Tattoo Parlor.

We Set Up a System
Based on what he ALREADY SAYS
To Women Anywhere.

Any age.
Any Culture.
Any Color.

100% Success At Getting them to PAY for a Tattoo.

Here's how YOU Can GET GIRLS to talk to You
from Your Chair at home. (Yup. Works good on The Phone too.)

YOU SAY, "I know a Tattoo Artist who Has a Question that Gets 100% of the People he Asks to Say, "YES" to getting a Tattoo. Men or Women - Does Not Matter."

Can You Guess
What he Says?

"Jesse asks, "If You Could Get a Free Tattoo
that would Only last 2 Days - using Henna.

"Then Jesse Says, "The Reason I can Afford to do Free Henna Tattoos is. While I do Your DREAM Tattoo in My Waiting room. Other Clients - in the room - THINK of More Tattoos they want."

THEN YOU Email or Text or say over the phone.

"So - What about You?
"What would Your SECRET - DREAM Tattoo Be?


P.S. - Just Suppose You Test The DREAM TATTOO idea. And want to Use a Similar Question for Business Sales.

A Proven Question that has Already broken a S*ales Record.