Steve Balmer
Adds 1200
Toilets to
New Stadium

Dear Friend,

Basketball Lovers Hate the long Lines at Sports Arena's where their Favorite Teams Play.

Knowing this.

And knowing Post Pandemic - Fewer Fans want to venture away from home.

Steve Balmer, Billionaire Former CEO of Microsoft, Paid for a Lot more Bathrooms.

So many bathrooms that there is a toilet for every 15 fans.

You SAY You don't care.

You are not a Intuit Arena "Clippers" Sports Fan.

But what If I Told You I have Clients who make 50% of their Sales in Line?
Gayle Sold 73 Copies of her
Book While In Line At a
Sports Stadium Ladies Room


Live Testimonials.

He book,

"How to Get Married in 6 Months
Using *Think & Grow Rich"

Works Great.

So while in Line, one of her women buyers Started THANKING Gayle. And Talking about
how her daughter found a Husband. Even with 4 kids."

Other women in Line Wanted to order her book.

So Gayle set up shop near the Ladies Room door.

To Take Orders. Which had the Effect of allowing 100 or more women to hear
success Stories about her book as they walked by on the way to Take a pee.

You might think this is Unusual.


I Have a Lady Friend who sells her book about PR this way.

A No smoking Hypnotist ALSO Markets himself in lines at a nearby Military PX.

Another Fellow sells his Joke book at Grocery Store Lines on Weekends.

Yet another Client - Sells his Mixed Drink "Bitters" Product in Line at a Ski Lift
at a Resort near where he lives.

Even if you Only Want to Do some Quick Testing before you Sell On-Line. One of the above may
trigger some ideas for you.