Steve Jobs Used
Magic to Make
Coeds Jealous

Dear friend,

My Client, CIA Sam, Hacked his way to find Steve Jobs College Girlfriend.

Who told Us how she held The Magic Gags Steve Bought at the local Magic Shop. While she watched
Steve play one coed VS another to get a Free Lunch. And The Couch for the night.

Steve refused to pay his Adopted Parents money to the College. He didn't like their Courses. Although he audited a few.
So he Pitted Groups of College Coeds VS each other with Magic.

Steve's Girlfriend told us...

"Steve would walk up to a group of coeds. Barefoot, Bearded and wearing a table cloth with a hole in the middle for his head.
And with me, his Girlfriend, nearby - so the girls didn't get scared off.

Steve would say, "Would One of you Ladies help me Test a New Magic Trick?"

"Then he would point at a homely looking girl.

"She would say, "Yes."

And Steve would Do his "Elevator Energy" Magic trick. Then Link The coeds
"First Kiss energy" or "First Love Energy", "First Crush" to a Packet of Sugar.

Oh yeah. The Sugar Packet was Sneaky.

Constant rubbing of the Sugar Packet wore it out. And The coeds would have to
come back to Steve to get a Replacement.

CHA-CHING. Another free Lunch.

"The Rest of the Coeds Watching wanted To Try it too. So Steve would say, "Ok. Buy me Lunch. And
I will Do some Magic for You Too."

And, of course, After Steve boosted chi Energy for a few of the Girls they wanted
to take him back to their apartments. Show him off to their Girl Friends.

So Steve Got a Place to Sleep.

Interestingly - What the Girlfriend told us is Different from What Steve told His
biographer. In The book Steve Said he ate at a nearby Soup Kitchen.

So How Do You Benefit
from This "Competition Strategy?"

Steve used it to Negotiate better Joint Venture Deals
at his Apple New Product Presentations.

When CIA Sam showed up at Steve Jobs iPhone App Creators Speech he found a room full of "Suits."
The "Suits" were in a huge Banquet room. Buffet down one side.

And Steve Pitted each Fortune 1000 Company Representative
Against another. So He got Better JV Deals.

Same When Steve Was Negotiating with Celebrity Product Endorsers. He always
had more than One 'Star" In the room.

For Example:

To Show off the 1st Apple Computer Steve Showed up at
Yoko Ono's son's Birthday Party.

While her son was on the floor Playing with a New PAINT PROGRAM.
Movie Stars, Top Singers And Billionaires Joined The Birthday boy - Julian
on the floor to "Play" with The "Digital Paint Program."


Every INFLUENCER at the party bought an Apple Computer. And talked about it to
thousands of their social media "Friends."

YOU and ME -

#1 - When You Lotto Tip More Than One Waiter - You get Better Service.

#2 - When You Thank Reward The Restaurant Cooks - You Get More Food.

#3 - When You Share Case Studies and Testimonials, as we are doing at "",
you create a Sense of Competition.

Readers send You THEIR Success Stories. Like Drake's Testimonial at the Napoleon Hill Folder.

#4 - During ZOOM Video Calls - I Put the Giant Pink Teddy Bear - in the background
at - on my lap. Introduce myself. And others on the Call Compete to
Tell me Their FUN Stories.

"Billionaire Watching Club"