Taylor Swift
Destroys Gate

Dear Friend,

Thanks to Top Psycholgists we Know the Constant Surprises in Her "Era's Tour"
Show are Creating Amnesia in thousands of Fans. Your Brain Gets over-Whelmed.

Other Side Effects Seem to attract Stalkers.

Ooodles of Stalkers. So many Taylor uses Facial Recognition to Catch Stalkers at her shows.

How Crazy is her Stalking Problem?

News Reported that a Bank Robber led Rhode Island Cops to her mansion. First he threw bags of bank money
over her fence. Then Jumping back into his car he was chased by Police.

Mr Bank Robber lost control.

Destroyed her front Gate with his car.

I was Curious.

How do a Series of Surprises Effect People?

So We Started Testing at Restaurants and Retail Store Lines.

Surprises At a Restaurant
Got Me An Intro to a
Guy with Proof the Earth

So it Turns out that what Taylor is doing REALLY does make people around you Go a bit BANANAS.

I Met a Software salesman for lunch.

Fancy Italian Restaurant.

Vladamir orders Soup and Salad. Iced Tea. (All you can eat.) 12.00 Total

I Order a Cup of Soup & French Fries. 10.00 Total Including Lotto tickets

Every time the waiter comes to our table I Thank Him and Hand him a LOTTO TICKET.

The Waiter asks Me, "Sir, would You Like a Free Soup Refill?"

ME - "Yes, Thank you.

One bowl, Two Bowls, 3 Bowls. PLUS my French Fries are piled high on a foot wide plate.
I was Stuffed.

Vladamir is watching all this.

He Complains to me. "You got twice as much food as I did. And you paid less."

Vladamir pulls out his phone.


Says, "Here. You'll Like my Friend in Florida. He has Proof the Earth is FLAT."

And Suddenly I am talking to Jeff.

I say, "Vladamir says YOU THINK the Earth is Flat." Jeff cackles and launches into a Long Spiel.

But suddenly I hear SIRENS.

Jeff says, "Oooops. Gotta Go.
Cops pulling me over. I don't believe in getting a Drivers License. So they take turns arresting me. CLICK."


Because When You Surprise Your Waitress or Waiter with Tips
Before and During The Meal - You too May Meet some folks who Act WEIRD.

Of Course, While people around you are in this "Altered State"
They also May Insist on Paying You Moolah.

Yet Another Side Effect Taylor Swift is aware of. Cuz She Makes 15 Million Per Show.
Plus 3 Million In Merchandise
sales from her Trucks outside the stadium.