Taylor Swift
Creates 2.3

Dear friend,

Thanks to Startled EarthQuake experts in San Diego, California
we know that The "Era's Tour" Audience is creating seismic tremors.

50,000 people jumping up and down registers as a mini EarthQuake on the Ricter Scale.

But Just 2 Songs reach 2.3.

"Bad Blood"


"You Belong To Me"

After counting all of Taylors songs on her albums. Then doing the math. These 2 songs equal
just 1%.

And Since the author of "The 80/20 Principle" - Richard Koch
has used the (1% = 50% of Total Sales Concept) to become a self made Billionaire.

THIS brings up a Question.

***Have YOU done a 1% Analysis on Your Business? Sales. Buyers list? Suppliers. Products and Services?

Perfect Example:

Celebrity Articles and Reports get TEN TIMES
More Readers than Anything Else I Write.

So I Started to Write More CELEB Ezines and Reports. And have Close to 50 done.

Why so Many?


#1 - You will be shocked. A writer friend was getting "NO" on all of the Articles he wrote for Magazines and on-line Publications.
Until he INSERTED a Celeb. Re-submitted. Got all "YES" instead.

Same article. Only Change is he added a CELEB.

#2 - You will be Happy. Turns out All Magazines and "Star" Publications QUIT paying 6 figures for CELEB photos. Big Discovery.
Just as many buyers using a Pic of a CELEB eating out. Or shopping. As kissing someone other than their spouse.

#3 - You and ME - we Want Proof. I wrote several 100 Articles at Medium.com - Billion dollar ideas adapted. Weird Stories about Sm biz owners. Fun and funny Testimonials. But CELEB Articles got TEN TIMES More Thumbs up than anything else I wrote.

CELEB Articles can be Adapted to Grab attention for Almost ANY Product or Service.

Any Industry Niche.

We've made bets with all our clients and prospects.

"I bet I can Beat Your Advertising Response. Or # of Clicks and Views."

And have not lost Yet.

Below are 37 of The CELEB Headlines from our "Billionaire Idea Testing Ezine" Archives.

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Taylor Swift 40 Million Plane & Cat Window-BackPack

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