Taylor Swift Wrote a Song to Get Parent Revenge

Dear Friend,

During a Taylor Swift Interview She Says She Thinks the Story BEHIND each song is important.

Talks about getting Mad when her parents wouldn't let her Date a Guy with a Bad Reputation.

So she Wrote "Ours" - which went on one of her early Albums.

Then at age 17 She wanted to Date another BAD BOY.

Her Parents Said, "No."

She Flew into a Rage.

Locked herself in her bedroom. And Wrote a song on her bedroom floor as Parent Revenge.

Marched outside and played it for Her Mom and Dad.

Who were GobSmacked.

"Love Story" Became a #1 Hit.



So What is the Lesson Here?

How Can We Benefit?

What Can we Do when We Get Ripped off?



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I Didn't know what to do. I felt helpless.

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Thanks, Glenn