Woz Arrested
By FBI for
Bomb Gag

Woz and Steve Jobs Met at a Computer Club.

Both Outsiders. Both Bullied.

Woz the Son of a Rocket Scientist.

Jobs Adopted /Chip on His Shoulder.

The Two Started Playing Jokes on Fellow Students, Teachers and The School Principal.

Woz Put a Car Battery & a Loud Clock in His Locker. You Could Hear the TIC, TIC, TIC out in the hall.

Getting Called to The Principals office.

Woz Got Charged with Terrorism by the FBI.

Thrown into Prison - Key Thrown away.

In 24 Hours Woz Was Thrown Out of Prison by the Warden. Told, "Get out and Don't Come Back."

The Reason Why.

Woz Taught Prison Inmates how to ELECTRICUTE Prison Guards. Woz ran Hidden Wires from The Ceiling Lights to The Bars of the Prison Cells. So when a Guard touched the metal Bar. They got knocked on their Ass by 220 Voltage.

Fearing Woz Would Teach 100's of Criminals to do this.

The Warden Threw him Out!

How Can We Benefit From VIEWING
things from Different Perspectives?

I - Articles about WHY Amazon.com Delivery Drivers are Required to Take a Pic at your do say. (Customer Satisfaction.)

But WHAT IF Both Customers and Drivers were STEALING Packages? (The pics solve that Dilemma too.)

II - 360 Degree (24/7) Cameras Atop Amazon Trucks and Vans. (Driver Security.) OR Amazon is getting ready to adapt non-Human Retail Store Ai Plus Robot Driving Ai, Robot dr to dr Delivery Ai - To Deliver Packages to homes without Humans.

III - Wal-Mart is Ripping out Self Service Cashier Lanes at Stores. (Software Problems.) OR The Theft at Robot-Self Service areas is SO Bad. Costing Millions. Wal-Mart is Going Back to Human Cashiers.

Google: "Retail Store Shoplifting" - to get a Shock!